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I did say I wanted a 3rd baby….

Say hello to Lucy…our newest addition.

So cute, I might be able to forgive her when she digs up my flowers and eats my sandals!

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Look of the Week ~ Katherine Heigl

I am doing another look of the week because

1- I love doing them

2- I received some lovely comments about this feature…

This ones for you Kimberley and Cheyenne!

This look is of Katherine Heigl. I like her movies.Grey’s Anatomy, not so much…I tend to get mad and yell at hospital based tv shows. It drives my husband nuts, so I’m not allowed to watch them anymore. :)


First, super cute shirt from Spool No.72.


 Love this vintage looking belt from Buckle.

BKE Washed Belt

 Add your own boots and jeans…and then the icing on the cake….


Ok, so this isn’t 100% practical, but there are a lot of good knockoffs out there. Just keep your eyes peeled…and until then, you could bagborroworsteal!

Chanel Classic Bag with Flap Handbag


Have a great weekend!!



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I should have sold tickets…

The other night I attempted to learn to use our new lawn mower.

Ok, that’s a  lie…

We have had the lawnmower for over a year…and I have managed to avoid using it till last evening, and for good reason.

This lawnmower is not the usual push the gas and turn the wheel kind of set up. This big, scary machine has these two lever handle thingys that you apparently use to both turn the machine and to make it go forward, reverse and stop. Not my idea of fun. My sweet husband gave the standard 5 second farmer instructions…”You do this, this and this. Ok?! Bye!” and took off to go put some wayward cows back in where they belonged (it’s that time of year…the grass is looking greener on any side of the fence but theirs!).

And so I took off…literally…

I may or may not have pruned a few spruce trees in the process. Oh well, they were looking a little bottom heavy anyways! (?) I also found myself yelling at the machine a few times…”No I want to turn the OTHER WAY!!” “Not BACKWARDS…FORWARDS!” I think the yelling helped, at least I felt better.

By the time my darling husband returned an hour later, I managed to mow 1/12 of the yard. Not bad!  He caught me attempting to mow around a tree…he just about fell over laughing.
He stopped laughing when I showed him the spruce trees.



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Look of the week ~ Dylan Lauren

This week’s look is Dylan Lauren, Ralph Lauren’s daughter. Talk about luckiest woman alive….I would LOVE to have her wardrobe, home decor and money if I am being perfectly honest….

This blazer isn’t the exact color….but 1- I love it and 2- I couldn’t find one in that gorgeous teal….darn it!


And this white satin shirt is apparently NO IRON!!! I now need this in my life.

And to get the sexy cuff look Dylan has going on, just undo the cuff’s buttons. So simple and so cute!


These lovely earrings are what I would do instead of the neck scarf.

I am not a scarf kind of girl and these earrings pretty much scream my name….can you hear it?!

To finish this look off, just add your favorite jeans, belt and buckle and a pair of these showstoppers…..


Have a great week!!



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My Double D Ranchwear Tee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My tee from Double D arrived today!!!!!!

I am super excited and LOVE it!!

I blogged about this tee eons ago (ok, more like 3 months…) and when Cheryl from Double D read it, she popped one in the mail for me!! And I got it today!! I adore the color and attempted to take some self portraits….

Thanks so much ladies!! It made my day, week and month!!


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So Great!!

Yesterday my friends Russell and Jennifer Friend  (Mink & Manure) put on a bucking bull futurity out in Balzac, Alberta, Canada. This is where young bucking bulls are taken to show off their bucking skills. They are judged and prizes are awarded, but the biggest deal is the exposure that the bull and owner receive. The world-famous Calgary Stampede is around the corner and a lot of media attention is given to these bovine superstars…and for the rodeo stock contractors, this means more rodeos come calling for their bulls. And to get to be these superstars, the bulls all have to start somewhere….

Here is the link to Global Calgary who came out to see the show!

Have a great day!! And congrats Jenn and Russell on a successful futurity!!


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My 100…

Continuing my top 100 (can’t live without) list!!

31- Comfy pants…being on a farm means that I get to have “town” clothes and “home” clothes. And when I am at home, there is nothing I love more than a pair of comfy pants….so nice….


32- Wrap Dress…this is my go to for getting fancy. This style looks fantastic on all body shapes and they can even be used while pregnant!! (for a little while anyways!)


33- Fur…yes I realize this may not be some people’s taste, and that I somedayI might  get red paint thrown on me…but I’m ok with that!




34- Gigantic faux diamond earrings…I love and I wear with EVERYTHING!!



35- Perfume…this is one that I haven’t nailed down yet. I have always wanted to have a signature scent…Chanel No. 5 is always a classic.

Chanel #5 By Chanel For Women, Eau De Parfum Spray, 3.4-Ounce Bottle

36- Statement Necklace…I adore a big, flashy, can’t miss it necklace (over my classic white tee or tank!)

Twisted Beauty Necklace


37- Knee high boots…love these with my wrap dress!


38- M.A.C. eyeshadow…love these and love the huge range of colors!!

39- Diamond stacking band…this is another work in progress, I just got my first one after the birth of my son…

…these images are from this is glamorous blog where she is giving away the middle band…check it out and enter!!

40- Military coat…this is a huge trend right now, and usually I don’t jump on bandwagon, but I LOVE my new coat…it goes with EVERYTHING!


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Look of the week ~ Heidi Klum

This week’s look is Heidi Klum…

She is so cute and I love her on Project Runway (love me some reality tv!)

I know you all have your favorite jeans, flip flops and sunglasses….so here is the rest with my Farmer’s Trophy Wife twist!!

This tee is called “We are the World” from Double D Ranchwear…love these ladies!!

 Follow Cheryl McMullen on twitter and the Double D blog called Double Talk!!

It’s one of my favorites!

Fringe purse….always a classic!

Love these earrings, they are called “Bundled Wheat”…can’t get anymore Farmer’s Trophy Wife than that!!


 And I ADORE these bangles from Jessica Cushman (the price is steep, but sooo fun!).

This one says “What, this old thing? I’ve had this forever!”

 And this one, I lOVE!

“Candy is dandy, but Liquor is quicker!”


Happy Monday and have a great week! 


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My guilty addiction…

Ok…I have several, but the one I’m indulging in right now is…reality tv.

I LOVE it!!!

I only watch a few though….

Amazing Race!!! (so sad that Jet and Cord McCoy didn’t win :( )

and I watched Dancing with the Stars…but only till Kate Gosselin was kicked off (wasn’t her dancing  a train wreck?!?)

and my ultimate favorite……


I’m so serious about this show that I refuse to answer the phone during it, no one is allowed to talk during the show, and heaven forbid ANYONE who watches it early and then attempts to tell me what happens (ARGH!).

My husband thinks this is hilarious and repeatedly tries to tease me during…in fact…he just called me from the tractor (out seeding!) just to tell me he loves me.

I answered the phone…

…but only because it was a commercial break! :)


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A sleepless night…

Last night I came across this blog called kara paslay designs and found this picture of her guest bedroom…..

I am IN LOVE with this headboard!!

And I could not sleep last night.

Plans and ideas were swirling around in my tired little head…
I am making this headboard…..once we finish the bathroom of course!


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