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For fun…

For fun I’m showing a few looks that I put together on polyvore using items similar to ones in my closet.
This is fun! You should try it!! Check out Polyvore and let me know what you create!!
My look

Minimalist short sleeve shirt Black, 90 GBP
Women’s Apparel: denim | Banana Republic, $80
By Malene Birger Dazli bangle set, $150
Laura Lee Set Diamond In 9ct White Gold Stud Earrings, $401
Ariat Men’s Rambler Cowboy Boots – Square Toe, $130
Pony Cowhide LG Tote – $395.00 : Rawhide

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Look of the week ~ Jessica Simpson…again.

Since the combines are (finally!) going, I am on the farm making meals for everyone…so, here is another look of the week.

I might as well blog about fashion since I can’t go shopping! :)

p.s. this look is “inspired by.and later today I’ll post a few looks that I’ve put together using my own clothes…

SIDEWALK STRUT photo | Eric Johnson, Jessica Simpson


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Look of the Week ~ Miranda Lambert ~fall

I thought I’d throw another look of the week out there for you all to enjoy! :)


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I think I might enlarge this and hang it in my new bathroom reno, project, decorating thingy…yes? no?


p.s. I have a giveaway going on over on my facebook page…tell your friends and don’t forget to visit me there!!!


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Look of the week~Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson….my favorite!

JESSICA SIMPSON photo | Jessica Simpson


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By the door…

*image from Country Home magazine*

A while back I came across this image in one of my favorite magazines and promptly went to Ikea, found it and now it lives in my porch…I love finding items that are a little bit western from unexpected places…


 p.s. linked this post to The Shabby Nest…frugal friday!!


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*image from The Pioneer Woman*


For Christmas last year my mother in law gave me The Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook….

Amazing recipes that my husband (the die-hard meat and potato man) LOVES!

This woman cooks for her four kids, husband and numerous cowboys. She knows what she is talking about!!

One of our new favorite recipes is her BBQ Meatball recipe (click for the link!) and although her version is fabulous, I have changed one thing.

Instead of browning the meatballs and then baking it all…I just pop my meatballs in boiling water.

Yes, you heard me right.

I learned this trick a long time ago from I can’t remember where. And I love it.

Really and truly you boil a pot of water, roll up your meatballs however you normally make them (salt/pepper/egg/oatmeal/etc) and then just gently drop them into the pot of boiling water! After the last meatball is in, set the timer for 7 minutes and ta da!

Your meatballs are cooked and a lot of the fat floats to the top making them that much more healthy! (Good ol’ red meat!)

Make sure you watch the pot…has a tendency to boil over…not fun. And I ladle the fat off the top as it boils.

Then I just finish the rest of the meatball recipe…yummy!!

Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think! I’m pretty sure it’ll be a hit for dinner!



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*image from House of Turquoise*

I am currently still working on our bathroom project. The shower is in, the walls and cabinets are painted….now I’m just trying to put together the decor. And having a blast! I love decorating…and thinking and planning the decorating. And this bathroom image is so gorgeous and inspiring….motivation to keep on with my project! When I get done, I’ll post some pictures!!!


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Look of the week ~ Jessica Biel

This week’s look is on that is based on the classics….leather jacket, jeans and a white button down shirt. Love!

I’ve added my Farmer’s Trophy Wife touch and ta-da!

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Sassy magnets…

A darling, wonderful and thoughtful friend recently gave me this magnet. She said it made her think of me…..
Still not sure how to take that, but I’m going with fabulous…
I adore this magnet so much that I wanted to share. It’s from an etsy site that is now bookmarked as a favorite of mine and many people in my life will be getting gifts from here in the future!!!
between 2 evils, i like to pick the one i never tried before pin up magnet


Here are a few more that spoke to me…

I am sorry you must be confused magnet made from recycled tin can lid
Not Gossiping, Networking. Vintage Image Magnet. Recycled Tin Can Lid
if you do not have anything nice to say....magnet. retro image on recycled tin can lid
Shopping and the meaning life Magnet. Vintage Image on recycled tin can lid
Here is her etsy link….ENJOY! ;)


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