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So, obviously I’ve been absent lately.

I was working…



Well, actually, I love my job (Labour & Delivery Nurse)…but I work 12 hour shifts and by the time I drive in from the farm it makes for a LONG day. And I managed to schedule myself for 4 shifts in 6 days. Silly me.

And when I work, the rest of the world comes to a screeching stop. Literally. Dishes are piled, laundry is embarrassing and groceries are few and far between.

I feel sorry for my family.

But they manage and once the shifts are done, I usually have a long stretch off and can usually get our life and home back on track. So I apologize for a lack of posts and socialization…

I miss you all. But….

Hopefully I can get back to posting…I have so many posts in my head to share!!

Love you all!



p.s. Oh ya….one other reason I have been dragging my rear is that I am pregnant…again…. :)

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What we’ve been up to….

So we’ve been busy little bees around here….

Ok, my husband has.

It’s seeding time!!!

Which means he’s been putting in 14 to 16 hour days, and we’ve been missing him a lot!

But it’s got to get done, and it’s only a few weeks of this….

Then it’s spraying time, haying time……


Here are a few pictures of what we’ve been up to…

This is the girlie playing Snow White…

(yes, this picture is totally random, but she made me laugh…)

My poor tired farmboy….still in his jammies but determined to go!

My husband took this picture….

Prairie chickens (?) on our front lawn…

Our new to us truck…my darling husband and neighbours built it from the frame up….

Not too bad!

Loading fertilizer into the air-seeder…

(ignore my precious, tiny, breakable daughter up on the top…my husband took  this picture! Yikes!)


And that’s it, that’s all!

Yesterday we processed some heifers and did a little branding…I took pictures, I’ll post some later!!

Love ya all!!!



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Look of the week ~ Reese

HOOK 'EM HORNS photo | Reese Witherspoon

*image from*


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Art on the wall….

*image from here*


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Art on the wall…

*image from here*


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Since I love it so much…

Awhile back I found this image on pinterest….

And I think I’ve posted it here before….


I love it so much that I went on a little hunt to see if I could copy the look.

Here’s my version!

ON SALE Diamond Solitare Ring In White- One Of A Kind

*image from here*

Organic 14K Yellow Gold Feather Ring - Feather's Gold

*image from here*

MADE TO ORDER Smoky Topaz Solitaire Ring

*image from here*

Thin Gold Band

*image from here*

18k Yellow Gold Wedding Anniversary Diamond Band Bridal Ring

*image from here*


Love ya!!!



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I’ve been dragging my rear in regards to getting out and doing yard work.

The WIND!!!

But I’ve finally got motivated and raked leaves.

To have them blow back two minutes later.

The WIND!!!


Here are some GORGEOUS farmhouses to motive me and you (?!) this spring, to get out there and make things beautiful!

*images from here*


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Pinterest Love…

Here are a few pictures I’ve saved on my pinterest account….

Just thought I’d share!!!

Love ya all!



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The summer is actually going to come!

I think.

It’s been warmer here but my oh my has the WIND been blowing!! ugly!

But….the trees are budding and I saw my first tulip bloom today, so that must mean that eventually the temperature will cooperate too.

And for me that means my kids are OUTSIDE!!!!

Love it!

And I’m not one of those get in the sandbox and play kinda moms (gasp!), so while my kids are playing happily together, I read…

Love it!

Finally my kids are the ages that they can play together and don’t eat the sand. And our front yard (acre) is fenced, so no one can escape into the farmyard!

(love it!)

And since I JUST finished a FABULOUS book, I’d thought I’d throw a random list out there for you! AND you need/have to tell me your favorites. ‘Cause I hate buying books and not liking them, and I have yet to find the time to hit our local library (terrible, I know!).

So my recent favorites are (in no particular order!)…

Anything and anything by Sara Gruen…she wrote Water for Elephants (SO GOOD!) and I just finished Ape House…so good!

All the books by Janet Evanovich….her books about Stephanie Plum are laugh out loud good. Like really. I have embarrassed myself more than once snorting out loud on some airplane or doctor’s office!

All books by David Eddings…I am a dragons and magicians nerd (if the books are well written), and I have reread these books A LOT.

And that’s my list for now…can’t wait to hear your suggestions!!!



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I just heard about this company yesterday and am SO SAD because they don’t currently ship to Canada.


For all you USA girlies!!


The concept of this company is fabulous!

For a $10 monthly fee, you get a gorgeously packaged box of beauty samples. All the samples are of generous portions and it gives you a chance to discover new and different products.

I am a sucker for new stuff and LOVE trying them out. But some things work and some don’t. So sample sizes would be fabulous…and try it and buy it if you love!!!

And if you do sign up…let me know what you think!!!



p.s. Birchbox has no idea who I am or what I do….I just like the idea and wanted to share!


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