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Pinterest is my downfall…


Look what I may have accidentally bought…

It’s a gorgeous creation by Jenny of Ropes of Pearls

Isn’t it amazing?! She has sooo many different colors, styles and aggghhhh…

I might be spending my maternity $$ all in one place.

Oh, right. Groceries…


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I am in the market for a relatively cheap headboard…

Mostly because I haven’t found “The One” when it comes to bedroom furniture that I actually want to spend any $$ on…

So, searching (what else!) pinterest, I found these!

What do you think?!

Pinned Image

*image from here*

Pinned Image

*image from here*

Pinned Image

*image from here*

Pinned Image

*image from here*

Pinned Image

*image from here*

Pinned Image

*image from here*


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I found these on pinterest…

I love that site.

p.s. Suzy…maybe you could make a lamp out of these horses?!

Skull Carved Bone Cow Celtic Design #8934


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Reader request…Melissa

I got a great request, Melissa, of Dreams to Designs by Senter, is out at a trade show at a  bull sale and was hoping for some outfit inspiration.She gets to hang out for 5 days (might be rainy!) and the outfits need to be easy to move in…

Hope this helps inspire you Melissa!!!

bull sale
bull sale

bull sale


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Some random photos!

Just some randomness today! :)

He doesn’t look like he is having ANY fun, does he?!

My baby in her tee from the lovely ladies of Junk Gypsy Co!!! (thanks again girls!)

And my “arm party” (term coined by Crystal Cattle) and the horseshoe bracelet is a gift from the lovely ladies of Bella Spur made by the TALENTED Shelagh of Designs by Shelagh!! (thx!)


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Rustic Love…

*image from here*


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Reader Request…Laura

Today`s reader request is from Laura of Bella Spur!!! The lucky girl is heading down to Texas next week for a reined cowhorse show and would love some inspiration. She emailed me a short list of items that she already has in her closet and I got to make up the rest! Hope this inspires you Laura and that you have lots of fun!! :)

Laura 1
Laura 2 & 3
Laura 4
Laura 5
Laura 6


Laura 7
Laura 8
Laura 9



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Rustic Love…

Pinned Image

*image from here*


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So sorry this is late! I promised to announce the winner today….


Carrie Linton…“I like Mason Jar and Curious the most, but I LOVE her work!”

And thanks to all of you for entering and thanks again to Julia for offering up this FABULOUS prize!!!


Julia has offered a discount to all the rest of you darlings who entered!! Isn’t she the best?! Just enter the code TROPHYWIFE for a 12% discount at Gallivanting Girl!!!

Happy Monday my friends!!



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Polo Anyone?!


Hello my darlings….another reader request!!

This one is from Tracy, she gets to go to a polo match this spring in Texas!! And I’ll admit that this was an interesting one, I’ve NEVER been to a polo match! Totally something on my bucket list and soooo jealous of Tracy!! So after I googled “what to wear to an American polo match” (LOL) I put a few looks together! They (google) suggested “country casual”…jeans, spring dresses and most defintaly flat boots…
Thanks Tracy for the email!!


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