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Chick’s Picks..

This ring is from Chick’s Picks….I found the site when they were featured in Country Living magazine.

1- LOVE Country Living Magazine

2-Now love this site and am craving these rings…

They have a lot of great items but unfortunately don’t ship to Canada at this time….my plan is to have all the stuff I plan to order shipped to family down in the states.

P.S. please apologize to your husbands for me…I’ve heard from a few that these shopping posts are causing random shopping sprees….opps! Hee Hee!

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I have a favorite site that I love browsing through…their stuff is fabulous!!!! Anthropologie is a site that has everything from sweaters and necklaces to living room furniture and drawer pulls…and every single thing is unique. Check out some of my recent favorites… 

Waves of Ruffles Shower Curtain

Curls & Coils Necklace

Mercury Glass Melon Knob

Anthropologie has a wide price range and ships to Canada…..make sure you are on the Canadian site when you order!

Have fun!!

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Deer Heads in the Kitchen?

Have I mentioned that I love “The Pioneer Woman“…Ree Drummond?!?

If you have no idea who I am talking about, the short version is…she’s a mom of 4, rancher’s wife and a blogger. She has a site “The Pioneer Woman” that she started about three years ago and is now raking in just under a million a year from it….The advertising space on it sells for big bucks because she gets like tens of thousands of readers everyday! Craziness….

Anyways, I discovered her before Christmas and spent an afternoon reading her archives about their renovation of a guest house on their ranch…they basically gutted the entire thing and started over.

I now am itching to reno…..the style of the house is gorgeous and I want it! The first thing that caught my eye was the kitchen…


I love this kitchen not because I am a chef by any stretch of the imagination, but because I adore the open concept and think the deer heads are fantastic. My husband on the other hand, disagrees…

He can’t imagine why anyone would hang deer heads in a kitchen…that aren’t real.

“Why would you spend money on wood deer heads when you won’t let me hang my trophy ones in the house?!?”

Hmmmm…he’s got me there…ok, so no deer heads…

But can I have the rock wall and cement countertops?


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While checking out some of my favorite blogs, I came across this idea at Western Glamour and have decided to be a copycat…(Best form of flattery!!) I will pick out a “Look” each week and give you details of where to grab everything to pull it together..I’ll try to post one a week (or more depending on my mood!) and am looking forward to it…it’s fun to search out sites for clothes! (and I may or may not spend money as I’m doing this…don’t tell my husband!!) 

This week I’ve picked cutie-pie Kelly Ripa… 

And here are some ideas from head to toe! 

Banana Republic Scarf


Blazer from Piperlime


And I picked a couple options for the shirt… 

Top from Piperlime


Top from Banana Republic


Victoria Secret Top


Gap Jeans


 As for the shoes…you could go with Kelly’s version… 

Shoes by Jessica Simpson


Or my version…these work a little better out on the farm! 

Boots by Lucchese


Boots by Charlie1Horse

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Mae West

I love Mae…..

Her quotes are the best!

“I go for two kinds of men – those with muscles and those without.”

“Too much of a good thing, can be wonderful.”

“It’s better to be looked over, than overlooked.”

…and my favorite…

“I used to be Snow White…but I drifted.”


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Great Idea…

I recently saw a “How To” article in February’s Martha Stewart about making a necklace from vintage broaches….GORGEOUS!!! The concept is soooo simple and yet the result is so classically beautiful and very in style right now. Super cute over a white tee and jeans or since it’s STILL snowing here, a black turtleneck. I mentally have made a plan to build one of these necklaces ASAP…Can’t post the article at this point…I guess they want to sell magazines!

Then, while out bridesmaid dress shopping, we came across a necklace from Aldo…it is exactly the same idea for $20.00!!  Amazing price and gorgeous…

(I can’t post a picture…but here’s the link)

THEN my sister emailed me this…

She made this!

Now I HAVE to have one!

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For you…

I love Valentine’s Day…and because I’m a little sad it’s over…I thought I’d post a few beautiful things that I love!


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