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We are currently undergoing some bathroom renovations. I am SO excited!! Decorating and renovating are two things that I really love doing….well, the planning is actually the most fun. I have something that I call my “someday” files….this is were I stash the hundreds of pages I have ripped out of magazine over the last few years.

I keep ideas for everything…pictures of fireplaces that I love (field stone by the way!), ideas for paint colors, decorating ideas, project plans. Basically as I flip through magazines, anything and everything that catches my eye is added to my files. And when it comes time to actually decorate or reno…I have hundreds of ideas and pictures right at my finger tips. I LOVE it!

Something that I really enjoy doing is paging through the pictures and making plans. I have painted our tv room dark indigo blue after a page from a Martha Stewart article, and I just bought a chandelier from Ikea for $45.00…my husband has always wanted an antler chandelier, but of course the several hundred-dollar price tag has kept us from that. My plan for this simple, plain iron-wrought light is to weave our found antler sheds into it. Same look, 1/10 the price! And where did I get this fabulous idea??? That’s right, my lovely file folder!

Interior design is something that makes my heart race and yet, I have little to no natural talent in this area…..but, with the “someday” files, I don’t need talent. I can steal other’s ideas…mix and match to my heart’s content and am left with a home that is “us”, that will never look like an exact copy because it’s a bunch of ideas from a hundred different sources!

My dream bathroom will be some sort of combination of  this….


(Above photos from Small Place Style…a blog that I love!)

090202_lrb_6733at home with white 14.jpg

(Above photos are from The City Sageanother blog I love!!)

But of course, I’ll add a little western flair and end up with one that will make me smile as I relax in my (soon to be) clawfoot tub with a drink and a good book!

I can’t wait!!!!!


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Look of the Week ~ Angelina Jolie

 Today’s look is Angelina Jolie……….I love her………..and her husband…..

(p.s. I’m team Jolie all the way!!)


Super-cute trench coat just in time for spring….and all the rain showers we hope are coming!


Add your favorite jeans to…

I love high heels…they don’t love me…I’m definitely a boots girl!

Corral®Ladies Desert Red Stitched Western Boots


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My 100…

I recently read Nina Garcia’s book “The One Hundred”, where she describes her top 100 items that she can’t live without.

If you don’t mind, I’d like to do the same….100 will take a little while, so I’ll break it down into 10/post…

1- Cowboy boots…I LIVE in boots. 

2- Jeans…..dark wash, trouser jeans are my fav. I love the Essential jeans from the Gap…until they discontinued them…..not happy about that, but this is their next best thing.

3- White tee…so easy to dress up or down.

4- Tank tops…my favorite style is from Joe Fresh (superstore), they are long, cheap and come in amazing colors. My next favorite tanks are from Old Navy and Gap…they are really cute and oh-so affordable!

5- Cocktail Ring…..LOVE this item! I would wear one on every finger if it were socially acceptable… 


6- Bangles……these are gorgeous…and I LOVE this site by the way!!


7- Trench Coat….you can go with the basic beige, or go crazy with color and jazz things up…..isn’t this GORGEOUS!?!!?!

8- Wallet….this is the one my darling husband bought me!

9- Mascara……back in the day, any woman worth her salt wore lipstick no matter what was happening. Ask your mom, aunties or grandma, guaranteed that they had a tube of lipstick on the windowsill that they could throw on if a neighbour drove in. My go to is mascara…heaven forbid I go out without it!

10-Ball Cap….so fantastic for bad hair days. (GO FLAMES GO!!)Flames Ladies Checkmate 2 Cap


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Look of the Week ~ Jennifer Aniston

DEGAINE JEANS photo | Jennifer Aniston

This week’s look is from Jennifer….and three for one!!

The jeans are a staple that everyone has and now here are three easy spring/summer looks to try.


This belt and buckle is one that I’ve had my eye on for a while…



I’ve left the sunglasses out on purpose….everyone has a pair or style they love…me, not so hot for the aviators, so I’d wear ones that are huge and black……or just for fun buy a cheap pair…they do make really nice ones at Joe Fresh (Superstore)!

This cardigan is a cute color and nice &  light for spring.

I couldn’t find an exact match to her shirt (which I really like), so if you have any suggestions?!

Fireworks Print Scoop Neck With Pleats

 Easy black tank…just about everyone has one of these!

Now for the fun part….accessories…I love jewelry and I love finding new and interesting ones. 

Of course I’ll never turn down expensive (!) but costume jewelry is super-fun and affordable….

…and if you break or lose it….there is no crying!

A New Necklace - Soldered Crown Pendant


Again, this white tee is a must-have basic. So easy to find and layer or dress up or down with a blazer or like Jennifer, throw a necklace on and you’re good to go!

And last but not least…the sandals…now here in these parts, it’s still snowing on random days….and the other days there is mud up to the eyeballs. But these are cute and in hopes that summer will someday return…

The End!


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I love sleeping in…

I adore sleeping in…

I can’t honestly remember the last time I slept in.

……….but anyways.

My favorite is when the wind is howling, the snow is blowing and I am snuggled deep down under my quilts and zzzzzzzzz……….

Bedroom Sixteen

I love the blue and gold…and the wheat in the windows.

This is my very favorite…..especially the leopard print pillow!!!!!!!!

Only Ralph Lauren could mix plaid and leopard and pull it off.

I think I’m going to decorate our master bedroom like this….


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So I’ve realized that I post pictures left, right and center about everyone and everything else…and there isn’t a single one of me on here…. 

There are a few reasons… 

1- I haven’t yet lost 100% of the baby weight…yet….. 

2- I’m usually the one taking the pictures and rarely remember to jump in front of the camera… 

3- I haven’t thought to post any! 



This was the back in the beginning of Mink & Manure (with my girl Jenn).

(I’m in blue.)





Halloween ’08 with my daughter! 

 And yes, she’s wearing makeup…..

…it was Halloween!

Ok…..ok……I was looking for an excuse to put mascara on her….


This was around age 21 and back in the days of riding for the Calgary Stampede…. 


Oh, he’s cute…..

(my husband….just thought I’d through this one in for fun!)





And this is pregnant with my son this past fall…. 


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Look of the Week…Grand Finale!!


And to wrap up….

A bum that I would be VERY happy to own….more motivation to keep running!

Oh this jacket……I long for you….please be mine….

Deacon Leather Sport Coat - Blue Label -


 This tee is super-cute…..from a super-cute website too!

close watch small

And the purse is by/from the lovely Little Miss Jessica herself!

These jeans are right up my alley….

They are called Glamour & Glitz…..I love……

Miss Me Jean Glamour & Glitz Boot Cut

And because the mud is up to our eyeballs out here….boots…oh so beautiful and practical at the same time!

Ariat® Women's Cobalt™ XR Crepe Full Quill Ostrich


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