A Good Idea…

24 Apr

I read a great post yesterday from the ladies at Double D Ranchwear (Double Talk) and it got me thinking….

Why don’t I write more thank-you notes?

I LOVE getting real mail, you know, the kind with stamps and handwritten by someone who took the time to think of me. And I know that everyone else feels the same way…who doesn’t like a letter instead of bills and junk mail?

So I am going to challenge myself and all of you lovely people to write a letter this week. It can be just one quick “I thought of you today” note or an actual letter to someone  you haven’t seen in a while, (and thanks to Cheryl and the ladies for the great idea!).

And to “Farmer Trophy Wife” things up…here are some fabulous stationary items to inspire you!!


Aren’t these fantastic?!?!

These cards are soooo neat….you can carve the front with whatever you want!!
I love personalized anything…aren’t these beautiful?!


 And these are my favorite!!! I think I might need to order these ASAP!!

Inspired Personalized Stationery


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2 responses to “A Good Idea…

  1. cherylmcmullen

    April 24, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    OK – I accept the challenge…I am going to pen a note this week. Hmmmm….whom should I write?

    • farmerstrophywife

      April 25, 2010 at 8:25 am

      I (finally) wrote a thankyou note that I should have wrote to my friend in January….better late than never, right?! Next…a letter to my Grandma!


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