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So fun…

About 4 years ago my friend Jennifer and I started up a company called Mink and Manure ~ Fashion for the Farmer’s Trophy Wife. We were both young with no kids and spent a lot of time lamenting about how it was so hard to find clothes that had a western element and wasn’t over-the-top hillbilly. So we started selling our own version of western wear! It was a blast, traveling together and holding trunk shows in homes across the province and at rodeos. I can’t even count the hours that we got to spend together doing what we loved…shopping! And of course selling clothes and meeting new people. Our business grew and the hours grew with it;  About 2 years into the adventure, my husband and I came to the decision that this was not meant to be my path. I am a nurse and didn’t want to give that up, and in order to continue with Mink and Manure while balancing home and family life, something was going to have to give. So I sadly handed over my half of the reins to Jennifer and she has been going full steam ahead ever since. She is nearing the 4th anniversary  of the company and is having a blast! I am so proud of her and all she has accomplished with our little dream, and came across this article that the Calgary Herald wrote about us in my archived files.

Thanks for the fun doll and great job!!



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Look of the week ~ Jessica Simpson

 Look of the week is back…and with my favorite girl!








Turquoise Tooled Leather/Brown Snakeskin Tote by Double J




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The finale….antlers….

Hope you loved these designs as much as my husband did 🙂

(In case you missed them) ~ Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday &  Thursday





 Sheds under glass!? Seriously, I am glad there is the internet, I need all the help I can get!

I would never have come up with these ideas!




Hope you had fun, I know I did! And wow are there a lot of great ideas out there!!


(today I am linked to this great site!)


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Antlers #4

 Sick of me/this yet?!

Ok, so this one has a head…I just think it’s hilarious with the poplar/aspen wallpaper!


And yes, this is a painting, but I am liking the shed on the table…



Scottish Antlers in the Treasure Trove

 Is this not the neatest idea for a shed? I never would have thought of this…





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Are you as amazed as I am at how popular antlers are?! I love them even more now…there are so many stylish ways to decorate with them other than the standard stuffed deer head!

(p.s. there are none of these in my house…I can’t stand the eyes watching me…)




I LOVE this!!! I am so going to bedazzle this year’s trophy!!




Above and below are more FABULOUS ideas for sheds! We are actually working on the idea below on our bookcases….I just can’t think of a way to light up behind them…battery powered lights maybe?








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More antlers…

 Ready for more antler decor?!? I am!


I like the tree trunk bedside tables!



This is  a great idea for sheds…


Isn’t this kitchen fabulous?!





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Decorating with antlers…

Since I am married to a man who LOVES to hunt and every year he manages to fill his tags, I’ve come to the conclusion that I will be decorating my house with antlers. Lots and lots of antlers! So I searched my favorite decorating blogs and WOW! Apparently antlers are or were a huge trend! I’m not sure if they are still “in vogue” or not, but since we like them, here are a bunch of great decorating ideas!



*I wonder if the designer is aware that the antlers above are upside down…

I do really like the idea of silver leafing them though!! :)*


 I LOVE this bathroom…..girly with the sheer, pooled curtains but masculine at the same time.

I am totally using this lantern/candle idea for Christmas….such a neat idea!

I found so many ideas that I will be posting more all week….hope you love antlers as much as my husband does!



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