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This girl has style…

Just thought I’d throw out a new post idea for year #2 of The Farmer’s Trophy Wife….if I come across any images of girlies with great style, I’ll post them!!

I found this one and adore the casual look but oh so pulled together at the same time! I think a leather jacket is now added to my  “to buy” list!!!

*image from Satorialist*


The Farmer’s Trophy Wife


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Mirror envy…

Hello all!! Hope your holidaying is going great and that you are stuffing yourself with fabulous food, drinking lots of “cheer” with family and friends….and are looking forward to New Year’s!! I am back to working nights for a few days…so posts might be sporadic until after New Years….



*image from House of Turquoise*


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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all my darling friends out there!! Hope your holiday is filled with family, friends, love and lots of holiday “cheer”!!! I love you all and will be back when I am done celebrating and working nights…




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What we do for fun…

So we have yet to find a one horse sleigh for our darling Danny to pull around….
And my husband is just itching to get out there…

This one’s my favorite….Danny stopped to do his “business” and my husband almost landed on his face in it! LOL…

And things went well till they hit some deep snow….and that’s the end of my baby sleigh…

Oh well…it was fun while it lasted!!

Although as soon as this one broke he wanted me to go find the other sled….no thanks!! My kiddies need SOMETHING to ride on this winter!!!



p.s. since we did this…we’ve found a stone boat to hook up…we are planning to go out on Christmas Eve…I’ll take lots of pictures!!


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Christmas country style…

Christmas at my house.

*image from Simply Grove*

*image from emmas designblogg*

*images from Small Place Style*

Just thought I’d throw a few more Christmas images out there….it’s almost here and I’ll have to wait a whole year before I can again! Love you all and Merry Christmas!!!



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I totally forgot…


It came to my attention that yesterday was the 1st Anniversary (Birthday?!) of my blog!!!

OMG, ACK and OH NO!!

I let this slide by and didn’t even realize it!

So I am here to say thanks and Happy Birthannivarasy Day dear blog!

It has been a wild and fun ride over the last year, full of new friends, learning new skills, 15 minutes of fame and giveaways….and I have loved every minute!!! What a long way we have come! From 12 hits a year ago…to, well….more than that now! I can’t wait to see where the next year takes us…

And thanks to all you darling readers….without you this would just be me writing for and to myself. And while that would be ok…you all make this amazing. Thanks and I love you!!!

So here’s to a new year….new adventures and new friends!!

And…..I did promise a Shepler’s giveaway….and I have the “stuff” but I had to UPS it to myself  ’cause I kinda overspent on my Vegas trip and for some reason the customs people don’t like that….so when it arrives, I’ll put a fabulous package giveaway together for Shepler’s and to celebrate my blog’s 1st year!!!!




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Buckle It…

One of my favorite purchases at Cowboy Christmas was a buckle for my little girlie. She always wants to wear one like her daddy, and we have yet to find one that matches her personality….

Till now!



I’ll let you guess which one I got…

Lynette Kellogg is the owner and creator of these fabulous buckles and each one is a work of art…Her website isn’t up right now, but you can email her at and keep checking her site…




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