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Canvas Print Giveaway from Canvas Stock!!!!

Crystal ( and I have teamed up with Canvas Stock ( to offer all you darling readers a great, big, fantastic giveaway!!!

We are so happy to offer a 20×30 sized canvas print to our winner and the best, most fabulous part is that Crystal has offered up some of her own photography images for the winner to pick from for their canvas print!!!

That way all you darlings that are city living but have true country hearts, can bring a little farm/western into your home!!!! And those of us who are lucky enough to live in the country have a little piece of it to bring inside and enjoy!

We have TONS of ways to enter, because we love you all so much and want to give you as many chances as possible!!!

1- Head on over to Canvas Stock and check out their new website!! Then come back here and leave comment letting us know what  feature of the new website you like the best!!

2-Follow Crystal.Cattle blog  ( and leave a comment here saying you do or did!

3- Follow The Farmer’s Trophy Wife blog and leave a comment saying you do or did!

4- Follow Crystal.Cattle and The Farmer’s Trophy Wife on Facebook and leave a comment on here saying so!

5- Tweet, facebook or blog about this giveaway and leave a comment here saying you did!

6- NEW ENTRY METHOD!! Follow Canvas Stock on Twitter @CanvasStock (!/CanvasStock)!!!!

7- NEW ENTRY METHOD!!! Follow Canvas Stock on Facebook !!! and leave a comment here saying so!

Contest  closed!!! We will draw a winner and announce who it is on MONDAY!! Good luck!

Well, we hope that you love this giveaway as much as we do and good luck all!!! And don’t fear…those that aren’t lucky enough to win, get to have a 30% off code to use for their own canvas print on Monday!!

Love…Cathryn and Crystal!

*minor update…the fabulous company has updated their name to Canvas Stock…same fabulousness, different name…sorry Canvas Stock!!!


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Canvas prints…

Not sure if you heard or not…

But Crystal (of the fabulous and I are doing a giveaway tomorrow!!

And here is a little hint of what is to come…

*image from here*

*image from here*

*image from here*


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My list…

Over the years I’ve created a mental list of all the “stuff” I’d love to own someday…

Silly, yes.


So I’d thought I’d share…and I want your list too! I’d love to know what is on your “I wish” list!

1- Chanel Purse (I haven’t picked “the one” yet..more research must be done)

2- Louis Vuitton Purse

3- Fur Coat

4- Christian Louboutin Heels

5- Burberry Trench

6- Frye Boots

7- Minnetonka Moccasins

8- Leather Coat

9- Chanel Sunglasses

10- Diane von Furstenburg Wrap Dress

11- Lucchese or Old Gringo Boots (or both!)

12- Hunter Rubberboots

13- Sweetbird Studio something…

14- Ralph Lauren Coat/Sweater

15- Double D Ranch Jacket

And that’s about it for my list…although really, there are TONS more items for my list. But that would just be silly to go on and on and on and on…




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This girl has style…

*image from here*


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anne b. accessories…

I came across anne b. accessories in Cross Iron Mill mall, a little while back and fell head over heels for the jewelery!!

One more thing to love…darn it!

So I thought I’d share…

That way, I’m not alone in having an empty bank account!

Loading Image...

Loading Image...

Loading Image...

Loading Image...

 Aren’t these pieces gorgeous?! And the price point is fabulous too!

Just click on her link and check her out!




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Here is another addition to my What to Wear project…

If you have ANY event suggestions let me know! I’m a little stuck for E…










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Cowhide rugs…

 Who doesn’t like a great cowhide rug?!?!



*image from Simply Grove*



*image from Nest Egg*

*image from M. Holtum*

*image from Bliss*

*image from automatism*

And an image that doesn’t quite fall under the catagory of cowhide rug…but I love it!


*image from Cactus Creek Daily*


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