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Pink Papaya Winners!!

Hello all and thanks for entering our giveaway!!! Jessica and I are thrilled with all the entries and I wish you all good luck!

To find out who won…just head on over to Jessica’s facebook page and see if your name is there!!

Can’t wait to see what our winners think of their prize!!

Thanks again Jessica for all the fabulous products and the prizes for our giveaway! Loved it!!


p.s. You may have noticed that I have been absent this past week or so…we have a new baby! Frances Dolly arrived 3 weeks early, so I was a little unorganized, but we all home and loving our new addition to the family. The other kids are in love with her too, and we are thrilled! So things may be a little slow around here for another week, but I promise once I get our rhythm and routine down, I’ll be back!!


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Review and GIVEAWAY!!!!

I was soooo lucky to have been contacted by Jessica, a Pink Papaya consultant, about trying out a few of their products a couple of weeks ago…and all us girls understand the fabulousness of new products!!


She sent me a goodie package filled with a travel set facial cleanser, body lotion and lipstick.   My little girl was almost as excited as I was to open the package, AND I have had to fight her for the lotion ever since…it works sooo great on our poor, beatup Alberta skin and smells like a dream! I love anything citrus and this is perfect…the scent actually lasts all day and is soooo mosturizing…love!

The Facetini Travel Set is also working wonders on my poor pregnant and winter weathered skin. I adore the facial brush for the cleanser and have never had to double apply the face lotion, once is great and battles the dry winds we have around here! I couldn’t ask for more and the travel kit made the cut into the bag I have packed and ready to go when this baby comes. It is so portable and handy!!!

And the lipstick…

All I have to say is that, at 9 months pregnant, I actually got down and crawled under a parked car to get it after it fell out of my purse. Not a pretty picture…but obviously I love it. Jessica sent me “Tease”, such a fabulous color…not too out there and more than gloss…perfect!

AND NOW for my favorite part!!!!!

Darling Jessica has offered up FOUR Holiday Hand Sets to you lucky ducks!!!

To enter…

1. Head on over to Jessica’s Pink Papaya Facebook page and tell her hello and that The Farmer’s Trophy Wife sent you!!

2. For more entries…tweet, facebook and/or blog about this giveaway, send them all over to Jessica’s facebook page to enter and tell us that you did so on her comment wall!

And that’s it!!! So easy! And we will close the contest in one week (November 28th) at midnight and then we will make the draw for four lucky winners!!!

Good luck and thanks again to Jessica for this fabulous opportunity and GIVEAWAY!!!


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Reader Request…Christmas Parties!!

It is that time of year again! Christmas parties in all shapes and sizes are already happening…

I think.

Being at home, I am SO out of the loop it isn’t funny.

So, I just have to assume that all you fabulous people out there are getting together, eating amazing meals, drinking wonderful, delicious, alcoholic drinks (can you tell it’s been a while since my last ambrosia martini?!), visiting with friends and if you are lucky, dancing the night away.



Here are a few different ideas for looks…from casual to dressy to formal!

So have fun and please, have at least one drink for me?!

Christmas Party
Christmas parties, fancy
Christmas parties, formal



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A song that I think I will have to download!


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Reader Requests…

I have gotten a bunch of emails from you darling readers with all sorts of occasion requests!!

Love it!

Heidi…I randomly pick my jeans from the polyvore site…if you click on the image here on my blog, it should take you to my polyvore site and there should be all the items, and if you click on them, it will take you to where the jeans are originally from. I say should because I didn’t do the linking thing myself…it’s a polyvore thing. Hope it works!!


Here are a few ideas for your daughter’s baptism, hope they work!

Baptism outfit
Baptism outfit
baptism outfit

Cassie…I totally get your situation…over the last 5 years I have been soooo many sizes (pregnancies!) and my closet is FULL of stuff I grow in and out of. I can understand how you don’t want to invest too much money into clothes that will not fit in a few months, but looking and feeling good NOW is sooo important. Don’t wait till the weight is gone, buy what you love now and we can figure out a way to make it work!! My trick is to buy a bunch of plain old basics…black and white tees, great fitting jeans, black/grey/white turtlenecks or sweaters and then invest money into accessories…Here are a few ideas!!


YAY! That was fun…I have a few more requests that I will get to this week too…

Can’t wait!!



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My yesterday…and today.

The kids and I went shopping yesterday…


But guess what I found!!

Pinned Image


Pinned Image

Soooo love it! It’s OPI’s new Muppet line and yes, I got both…

And mixed them together last night and painted my nails, my girl’s nails…and yes, my son’s.

He’s 2…and cute, and a little nail polish never hurt anyone!



And of course, let’s not forget, today is Remembrance Day…

Teaching my daughter about Poppies and why we wear them has helped remind me…

Thanks to all who have and do, work hard to keep us safe and free.


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I’ve mentioned it before, and I will say it again.

I am TERRIBLE at DIY. I have little to no patience and pay no attention to detail.

It’s fun.

Because I have found soooo many fantastic ideas out there on the world wide web and…


Soooo…here are some of them…if anyone of you want to tackle them, feel free to make two and send me one!! 🙂

Pinned Image

*image from here*

Pinned Image

*image from here*

Pinned Image

*image from here*

Pinned Image

*image from here*


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