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I know, I know.

This is a topic I have covered before. But with the grass dying out all over, sheds are visible again, and hunting season IS only 62 sleeps away…

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*image from here*

I like this glittery stack/mess of antlers….a MUCH cheaper way would be to just use white glue and glitter. Still cute and not so shocking of a price tag!!

antler wedding decor

*image from here*

And I like this. Dollar store glass cloche, antlers. Done!

Loving the dark and different mounts. And on a chalkboard wall. Nice.
THIS is cute. and if you click on the link above this in the pink, it shows her DIY steps!
Green, Orange, Yellow and Blue Diamond Patterned Sika Antler
And I like this one. And since I am terrible at DIY, it is from etsy.
So might just buy one and just say I made it.

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Animal Print Sweaters…

I read this post yesterday.

And then this one.

And this one…

So, animal prints are gonna be a big trend for fall.

What do you think?!

Yes? No? Maybe?

Here are a few looks I threw together.

Still not sure if I would do it, but it IS cute!

horse sweater
horse sweater
deer sweater dress

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Found it! *update* (free shipping!!)

Any of you remember this picture?!
audrina-patridge Joe's Jeans Ex Lover Straight Leg Jeans

*image from here*

I do.
I had A TON of emails, tweets and facebook messages about this tee!

And I couldn’t find it. Anywhere.

Um. Till today.

That’s right folks. Late last night during some I-should-be-sleeping-but-I-am-pinteresting…I found it.


*image from here*

Thanks to HorsesandHeels, I found this site and THE SHIRT!

Ok, maybe not the exact shirt, but it is pretty damn close…It is from a company called Honey Baby Equine

And I will now be ordering one.

AND Miss Lauren of Honey Baby Equine has offered FREE SHIPPING from now until the end of the Labour Day weekend!! Just enter code TROPHYHEELS at checkout!!! Thanks Lauren!!!


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I think we are going to do this!


*image from here*

I think I will spend some time this week collecting sticks with the kids.

This looks like a good winter project!!

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yes? no?

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*image from here*

I am liking this.

A new twist on the traditional cable knit. And I happen to have a cable knit sweater.

And some turquoise dye.

Dare I?!!?


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Reader request…Selma Lizzy

This was a polyvore request, and because I was on vaca, I think I might have missed helping her out in time. But it is a fun question, so I will answer anyway!!!
Selma Lizzy aka florida-chikadee1028 wrote…
“hey there! what would you wear to the airport to go to san diego? i am completely stumped as to what will be both cozy on the flight but also comfortable once we land in california. thanks! :)”
jet set
jet set
jet set

What do you wear on flights?! And does anyone have any fab trips planned?!?! I am thinking NFR can’t come soon enough!!!


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If you really knew me…

I read this post over on Cashmere and Camo and here is my version.Thanks for the inspiration Brandy and for letting us get to know you a little better!!


If you really knew me…

You would know that I am 100% honest. What I think, comes out my mouth.

And that gets me misunderstood…often. I say a lot of things that in my head sounds sweet and normal, but apparently doesn’t come out that way. Opps.

I am just now starting to feel comfortable in my body. Baby is 8 months old, and up until this last week or two, I have felt like I’ve been wearing a fat suit, that I wish I could just unzip, take off and walk away from.

If you really knew me…

I eat chocolate chips out of the bag. ALL THE TIME.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE decorating and interior design, but feel that I drop the ball when it comes to my own house. (damn you lack of DIY gene)

I haven’t worn a belt since pre-pre-pre-pregnancy life.

My goal is to get that body (or something like it) back and then get a boob job.

I surround myself with fabulous people. I can’t STAND anyone whom I have to emotionally babysit.

If you really knew me…

You would know I think I am hilarious. No, seriously. I tell people that all the time.

I cackle. No sweet, soft laugh here. Nope. It’s a true cackle.

I wish I had thicker, longer eyelashes, skin that tanned and less hair on my arms.

I love my cheekbones (they really are pretty damn fabulous…LOL), my long legs and my blue eyes.

I love, love, love you peeps and never say it. Other bloggers are so good at conveying how much they appreciate their readers and all the support. But every time I go to do that, it reads back to me so butt kissy, that I can’t publish it. Sorry. I do love and adore you all though, I hope you know that!

And I usually really dislike posts that resemble chain letters, but this one is different. So if you decide to do a post like this, put the link in the comments!!!!


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