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another pinterest inspired post…

another diy moment…

i am seriously on a roll!

here is the inspiration…


*image from here*

and my version…


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i DID this!


i actually did something DIY-ish and wasn’t throughly frustrated at the end!!!


ok. so this is the inspiration photo…

Repurposed Eco-friendly Chalkboard - Turquoise - 23 x 14.5 - ANCHORS AWEIGH

*image from here*

and now…



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my photography skills…

or the lack there of…


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speaking of DIY…

what do you think?!
i think i want to add some more lace to the top…
here is a DIY video (not mine!) if you are planning to do some too!!!


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i’m sick…


pam. pam. call my mom.

(seriously. love that commercial)

ok, so it’s not that bad. or at least that is how i am acting, since i told my husband a million times last week to quit whining about his cold…and now i have it. so i have to act like it’s no big deal. crap.

it was bound to happen. we’ve officially hit the school system, so we are now required to get every bug that exists. oh well. but it does suck having to watch my teeny-tiny try to use her soother with a stuffy nose…poor babe.

how are things going in your worlds?! any fabulous bugs out there wrecking havoc in your homes?! pink eye?! hand, foot and mouth disease?! (we had that last year…blah!) chicken pox?! (there was a case last year around here even with the vaccinations now…weird!) flu?! strep throat?!

i only ask because…misery loves company! 😉

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*image from here*


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some DIY ideas…

Run out of dishes, laundry or vacumning to do?!


I am hilarious.

But if you are like me and look for any excuse to postpost doing all that stuff…

Here ya go! 😉

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*image from here*

*image from here*

*image from here*

*image from here*

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*image from here*


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Look of the week #2!!

look of the week

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