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you people rock!

seriously. i love you. thanks for all the advice yesterday!!! i will be asking for more very soon…i need all the help i can get to keep my packing light…

i plan to SHOP while there…and though there is a FED-EX in the Flamingo hotel (don’t ask how i know this!), i am hoping to get all my stuff home in my suitcase!!

wish me luck!

i also have some FAB stuff coming up!!!






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i am starting to panic.

and lose sleep.

i have just over a week until my ag society’s Christmas on Main Street event.


two weeks till i go to VEGAS!!!

i am soooo not ready for either!!!


no. seriously. help.

let’s start with what to wear to the airport…for one, it will be FREEZING here…and then warm there…

AND i will probably end up wearing this outfit for the whole of day one…until we get checked in…

what do you think of this?

jet set

or this?!



airport style

ok…last one.


i am kinda feeling number four…but i’ll have to go out and find some fab boyfriend jeans…

darn, a reason to HAVE to go shopping…


winner of the Simply Bridal giveaway!!

yes, this is one day late. still love me?!

our winner is (via….


i love the two stranded lariat with pearls.. Wish you lived closer we could be the best of shopping buddies

i will be emailing you soon!!

AND a huge thanks to Simply Bridal for this gorgeous giveaway and to all of you darlings for entering!!!

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and my tree AND lights are up!



they are.

i think this is a new record for my family.

not so much the tree part (my department…)

but the lights have been known to go up Dec. 22.

or not at all…

p.s. please don’t forget to enter the jewelry giveaway!! (last day!!)

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more Christmas party planning!

After picking a poster, well, actually, before, during and after, picking the poster, i went around to all the businesses on or close to main street and started visiting!

and you all know i am good at that! 😉

the whole purpose of this event is to get our community (town AND farms!) to come together, share some Christmas spirit and fun and get to know each other and the businesses and owners in town. this day and age we are highly digitalized and so fast paced, this event is all about slowing down, enjoying things that have been Christmas traditions for years and have a great family night out! and who doesn’t want to do that?!

about 90% of the businesses were more than enthusiastic about this. we have so many ideas and different ways that they are supporting this, i have been overwhelmed! donations, activity planning, advertising help, etc, etc…it has been fantastic!

i started out with a list of ideas that i came up with (thanks pinterest!) and brought it with me when i met with the businesses. i figured for some they would want to be involved, but might not know what they would want to do. so i was ready with things to suggest like facepainting, different kid crafts, types of snacks, etc. most were happy to do whatever i suggested, one less thing for them to do! others had fabulous ideas of their own!! all i have been doing is making sure that there is not going to be any overlap. kids only want so many candy canes! 😉

these are some of the ideas that i had prepared just in case…

* ideas and images from here*

Pinned Image

*idea and image from here*

i wanted all the craft ideas to be short and sweet, no need for kids to have to take their snowsuits off or to be standing there sweating…all moms know, nothing gets madder faster than a sweaty toddler!

that’s it for now!!! more to come…and i can’t believe we are only two weeks away from this event! ack. so much to do, so little time!!

p.s. please don’t forget to enter to win yourself some fabulous jewelery!!!

AND happy belated thanksgiving to all my american darlings!!

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Christmas on Main St.

the first thing i did when i started planning this event was to talk to all the dolls that have been planning it over the last few years. this town event had been put on by council for a few years, but had been cut from the budget this year. so our agricultural society decided to take over!

talking with the people who had put it on in the past was a HUGE help!! they provided contact numbers, ideas, suggestions about things that worked and didn’t work, etc. they were so happy that someone was taking this on as it had become a town tradition and was so fun!

the next thing i did was start a pinterest board, of course!

i had 101 ideas and what better place to file them!?

and of course, first things first. i needed a poster/advertising…so i started searching etsy. because as we all know, i seriously lack the diy gene, so putting a digitally fabulous poster together is beyond me…

i just used keyword search terms like christmas poster, christmas invitation, christmas invite, vintage christmas card, etc.

i narrowed it down to a few…

DIY vintage Christmas party invitation--customizable

Vintage Retro Chalkboard Christmas Holiday PRINTABLE Party Invitation

Vintage Retro Chalkboard Christmas Holiday PRINTABLE Party Invitation

Printable Christmas party invitation

i picked #2.

it captured the vintage-y feeling i was going for, the price was the best for the changes that needed to happen and it’s pretty!!

that’s all for now…am i boring you yet?!


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jewelery giveaway!

you know i adore you.

and so does Simply Bridal.
when they contacted me, at first i wasn’t sure how to work them into my blog life…

but then i checked out their jewelery. and i fell in love. who WOULDNT want a glittery piece of fabulousness?! bride or no bride?!

so i said heck ya, let’s do a giveaway!!

simply bridal giveaway

so here it is!

our lucky winner will get their choice of any piece from their Simply Bridal collection!!

to enter…

1- head on over to their website, check out the goods, and come back here leaving a comment about which piece will be yours if you win!

2- for and additional entry…tweet, facebook, blog, pin or whatever about this giveaway and leave SEPARATE comments telling me you did!

contest will run from today (Monday, Nov. 19) to midnight Monday (November 26th) and i will announce the winner on tuesday!

good luck and thanks Simply Bridal for this giveaway!!


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