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boots. boots. boots.

anyone else have a boot “problem”?!

please tell me i am not alone?!

(actually, i already know i am not. you peeps are crazy about your boots!!)

wanna see my collection?!

(i knew you did!)


ok. there are a few pairs of mine missing, and a few pairs of my hubby’s boots in there. but these are always here because these are the boots we wear regularly…

and the dominating brand?!


hands down.

every time i try on a pair they fit like i have owned them for years. and my husband is a convert too. (and i didn’t even influence him!) he just came home one day with THREE new pairs of boots. all Ariat.

i wonder what he would have said if i did that?! lol

and those brown shoes in the lower left corner? i have had those bad boys for over 10 years, and they are still 100% perfect. no seriously. there are no rips, fabric breakdown or worn soles.

anyone else have a pair of something that has aged that well?!


and um. i am now wanting/needing these.

like em?!

Pinned Image

and these…

Pinned Image

*boots from here*

think my husband would notice if they were accidentally added to the collection?!

*p.s. this was a sponsored post thx to Cavender’s re: ariat boots, but all opinions

and boots are 100% mine (or will be soon!!)*


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Bananas for these shoes!

*image from here*


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Bananas for these shoes!

Here are some FABULOUS boots I found on etsy!!

*image from here*


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Bananas for these shoes….

Or maybe I just like the photo layout…

Either way,





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Bananas for these shoes…

*image from here*


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Bananas for these shoes!

*image from pinterest*

*available here*

Aren’t these FABULOUS?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?


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Bananas for these shoes…

Soft Hand Made Leather Mary-Jane Moccasins Made to Order in 6 Different Color Choices



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