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reader request…brigitte!

Hello dollies!
I have a few reader requests this week!
this one is from Brigitte, she is getting married in June in TEXAS (read HOT, HOT, HOT!!) in a barn wedding! She is looking for something less traditional and less bride-y…

Here are some ideas darling!!! (and CONGRATS!!!)

First off, FRINGE!

Nothing else screams western and is as untraditional as this…so of course I love it! 😉



or….lace?! but do it in something other than the standard  white or cream…


 and boots…well, the options are endless!!!!!!!





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reader request…veronica!

ok. I am pretty sure I missed this event for you Veronica…but just incase I didn’t…

“Hi my name is Veronica I live in Texas and as you should now the weather here is a bit bipolar one day is parka weather the next shorts n boots. I’m going to the rodeo this year twice one much needed date night with the hun and a girls night I need some two possible outfit ideas for each occasion and maybe a bi polar weather back up if you can style them with these boot rugs that’ll be great I have no idea what to do with me thanks a bunch
One of your biggest fans since polyvore”

p.s here are the boots she will be wearing!

Boot Rugs - Bravo Ranch

ok…here are some ideas!!!


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reader request…Casey!

Told ya I’d get to some emails!!!

This one is from Casey, she is wondering about white jeans and brown boots…


or a no?

I think it’s a maybe…

If you are attempting to do serious western fashion, i’d say eh. unless you are a rodeo queen, I wouldn’t do it.

but, if you are going for “different”, its a yes.

something like this?!

white and brown

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reader request…Brandy!


yes, it has been a while. i am posting so randomly these days.

ya’ll ok with that?!

today’s post is for BRANDY!! she wrote me asking for help styling her new skirt.

super cute, and can work so many ways!!

hope this helps Brandy!!!


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reader request…tara!

ok peeps!

it’s almost Christmas!!! and i think  i am running behind in almost all areas of my life!! so after this post, i will be taking a break until the New Year!! but of course, before i go, i get to do a reader request for sweet tara!

when she wrote me, she was 5 days (gack) overdue with baby #3. hoping for some inspiration for Christmas parties, her 30th (!), her twin’s 3rd birthday and their upcoming bull sale, she wrote me.

tara already has some cardigans and grey boots that she adores so i put them together with some stuff. basically, my go to post-baby are wrap tops (most flattering and easy to breastfeed with!) and FABULOUS accessories…they ALWAYS fit!!!

i hope this helps my darling!!!

and Merry Christmas my loves!!

postbaby 1
post baby 2
post baby 3
post baby 4

Reader Request…Jessica!

Jessica has a wedding coming up.

And a small problem.

Cowboy boots aren’t in the picture.
Oh what is a girl to do?!?

red dress
red dress
red dress

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Reader Request…

I got a tweet request from Miss Lane…she is heading off to a November wedding and needs some suggestions!!

Here ya go babe!! Have fun!

november wedding
nov wedding
nov wedding
november wedding

p.s. thanks to all of you for all sweet words of encouragment and advice. i am working hard to drop those frustrating baby pounds…and feel less alone!!!


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