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i’ve been thinking…

scary. i know.

my girlie wants a bunny.

and yes, most kids do around easter…but we actually live somewhere that it might work.

i am getting a CUTE little chicken coop for spring. looks kinda like this…

but not that fancy…


i plan to paint it. a wild and fun color…

don’t tell my husband.


the coop can hold 4-6 hens, and i plan on 3 or 4.

now, can i add a bunny to that mix?! would they hate each other, or pretty much ignore one another?

i’ve googled and pinterested it and have found pretty favorable reviews.

any of you have any experience?!


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my photography skills…

or the lack there of…


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Haulin’ Cows…

Yesterday I woke up thinking I had a fabulous and relaxing day planned for little ol’ me…

Not to be.

Instead of a haircut and a manicure, I hauled cows. But you know what?! I wouldn’t have traded it for the world…

I like to actually be useful to my darling husband, and with 3 little kids, I don’t get to be out doing all the stuff I used to do…
Like spend time with him! 🙂

So last night we loaded up and headed out…and I taped a little bit for ya!


Old-fashioned fun…


Nothing beats  a great snow angel!


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Our newest baby…

Nope, not going to bore you with baby ultrasound pictures that you can barely make out…

This is our newest baby….


Hope you have a great day and don’t forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!!!


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Hello my dear friends!!

I am in need of some help…

Ok, actually, a reader named Shell is…

She wrote me hoping I could help her come up with a fabulous name for her fledgling cattle farm and since my ideas are okay…

I’m SURE yours are much more creative!

” I am such a GIRLY GIRL! I am the kinda girl who will be out there in uggs boots and LV ear rings! LOL! 😉 I am slowing learning the farming isn’t working with shorts and bikini top! Everybody I know been trying to come up with ideas, but just nothing is like WAM BAM HELL YEA! =) For the most part I want girly. I am super girly and I think my farm name should reflect me.  I grew up on the lake and honesty know nothing ’bout cattle but I always say life and learn, that’s just part of life, if there is a will there is a way.Sounds GREAT! Just remember GIRLY! GIRLY GIRLY GIRLY! It’s going to be a cattle farm (with) some goats here and there if that helps. Maybe later on a some pigs and chickens..whatever else.  I don’t want the plain jane like people use their name or area names.  Catchy and SCREAMS buy my big beautiful beefy cows Farmer Shell, too hot to trot, raised! LOL! 😉 Thanks!” ~Shell

So I thought what better way to come up with a FABULOUS name than throw it out to you all!!

Thanks all and we look forward to hearing your suggestions!!!!




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The Garden Fairy…


It happened again.

Just like clockwork, this time of year my garden magically gets planted while I am off doing something (or in bed!).

How do you get this magical, wonderful fairy to appear?!

Well…this was my method….

Ever since we moved into the family farmhouse,  I lucked out in the yard lottery, as the lawn and flowerbeds are gorgeous. This is fantastic for me because I do not own a green thumb, I like to plant and fugetaboutit. Give me something beautiful that grows in hot, dry conditions, that grow year after year all by itself, that likes to spread and fill a flowerbed, and I am in love. I will weed and water…but anything that requires maintenance above and beyond that = bad luck for the plants.

Sunflowers are my absolute favourite and nothing makes me happier (garden wise) than a bunch of random growing sunflowers in a flower bed. This, however, makes my farmer husband’s skin crawl. He can’t sleep at night knowing that outside things are growing and they aren’t in a straight line….I like chaos and he does not. I like random and he does not. I like wild and he DOES NOT…so, you can see where this is going! I plant wildflower seeds by throwing them in the general direction of the dirt…then I hide the packages so that my secret will stay just that until they turn into lovely romantic flowers…

My husband then, just as secretly, while I am away from home, sprays my flowers into submission…

“I just thought they were all weeds…” is his common line of defence.

And the garden….

I attempted to plant this by myself our first year here.

Rookie mistake!

I spent hours out in the freshly rota-tilled dirt, happily planting stuff willy-nilly, and then proudly announced my accomplishment at dinner that night. My husband visibly cringed and then patted me on the back. “Good for you honey!” and went back to eating.

A few minutes later, “I’m sure you remembered to put the rows wide enough for the rota-tiller, right?”

Me… “Huh?”

“You know, so that we can rota-till most of the weeds and then you only will have to weed the rows.”


“You will have to weed the garden you know…how many rows did you do?”

“Ummm…4 rows of corn, 3 of carrots, 4 of peas, 2 lettuce, 3 green beans, 5 zucchini plants and 24 hills of potatoes.”
Needless to say…I had planted enough to feed 9 families and did not leave room to rota-till between the rows. The rest of that year I ended up ignoring the 4 foot high weeds, ran in, picked my veggies and ran out.

And my husband religiously avoided that area of the yard all summer.

I have yet to plant a garden since, because somehow, magically, every spring, my garden plants itself while I am away. And in beautiful straight lines with the perfect amount of rota-till-able space between each row.

It’s amazing!

And so easy to weed!


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