reader request…brigitte!

Hello dollies!
I have a few reader requests this week!
this one is from Brigitte, she is getting married in June in TEXAS (read HOT, HOT, HOT!!) in a barn wedding! She is looking for something less traditional and less bride-y…

Here are some ideas darling!!! (and CONGRATS!!!)

First off, FRINGE!

Nothing else screams western and is as untraditional as this…so of course I love it! 😉



or….lace?! but do it in something other than the standard  white or cream…


 and boots…well, the options are endless!!!!!!!





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the star boots!

the ORIGINAL post for the star boots!!!!!!

I FINALLY found the original pin/blog for these boots!!!

click here! —> wood&woolstool


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reader request…veronica!

ok. I am pretty sure I missed this event for you Veronica…but just incase I didn’t…

“Hi my name is Veronica I live in Texas and as you should now the weather here is a bit bipolar one day is parka weather the next shorts n boots. I’m going to the rodeo this year twice one much needed date night with the hun and a girls night I need some two possible outfit ideas for each occasion and maybe a bi polar weather back up if you can style them with these boot rugs that’ll be great I have no idea what to do with me thanks a bunch
One of your biggest fans since polyvore”

p.s here are the boots she will be wearing!

Boot Rugs - Bravo Ranch

ok…here are some ideas!!!


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things I’ve been obsessed with lately…

camping-ish tattoos.


mitzi—may:  -moonshine-:  magpiefeed:  Hand poked log cabin for Ollie. By MagpieFeed

faking some farmhouse trim.

easy updated farmhouse trim

easy DIY decorative baseboard tutorial

and all things valentine kid craft related…

valentine's day craft

Rock Valentine Art Project 25

Candy Heart Wreath


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might try this…

other than the fact that our yard is under 3-6 foot snow drifts, and so sourcing the free twigs might be tricky, I think this craft looks kid safe, do-able (even for me!) and cheap.

DIY Cupid's Arrow Garland by

DIY Cupid's Arrow Garland by


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look of the week…



junk gypsy + the farmer's trophy wife
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i’m now a forever fan…

hey dolls!

happy new year! I hope your year is off to a fabulous start! mine is…kids are back in school, we are able to haul grain (!!), no one is sick (!!!) and I am feeling good! you?!

I just wanted to pop in and write a post because I have been soooo inspired tonight. ever have that happen? you see/watch/hear/read something and it RINGS in your soul?! it doesn’t happen often in this crazy, digital and busy world of ours, so when it does, you have to PAY ATTENTION and soak it in!

I saw it on pinterest. (doesn’t every story/idea start that way now?!) I found Buckaroo Barbie, heard of her? Well, actually, it’s a THEM. a gorgeous pair of sisters who are cowboy-girls (I’m totally going to start using that term by the way…) who not only are kickass ranchers, but they are NORMAL, gorgeous and talented in other areas of life. One’s a singer and the other a writer.

“Buckaroo Barbies are an intriguing mixture of tough and soft, strength and grace, cowboy and fashionista. They are known to wear boots with their pearls, but they also know that the most beautiful attribute any woman can have is the beauty and class of her heart and soul. Buckaroo Barbies love to be outside, their animals and wide open spaces. A Buckaroo Barbie also loves being a girl. She enjoys fashion and beauty and the finer things in life…be they good food, fine wine or cars and trucks. Being a Buckaroo Barbie is about becoming all that you can be, taking charge of your life and chasing down your dreams and making them come true.”
amen sisters.
this got my attention, but what killed me, what held my attention and will for DAYS, is this video. it was a Christmas present from one sister to another, and WOW. it captured so much and gah…I’m just…I can’t explain it. Maybe I’m overtired or hormonal or something, but this just GOT me.
watch, check them out and let me know what you think!!

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