look of the week…

look of the week

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ok. so this might be life changing…

I just found out that there are razors. for women.

for our faces.



I am in my thirties now and have facial hair. (brace yourselves my young chickens…it will come.)


what to do?!

wax? hell no.

lotion stuff? aggggghhhhhh…

so, what’s left?


somewhat embarrassing to admit, but a girls gotta do what a girls got to do…

and this post here

led me to this post here…

and now I am going to hunt these babies down…

Ardell Brow Trim and Shape Grooming Tool, 3-Count (Pack of 4) - List price: $13.96 Price: $11.14 Saving: $2.82 (20%) + Free Shipping

and shave!


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the plan.

FALL BUCKET LIST . . . I think we'll be able to do every one of these.

*image from here*

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aw. screw it.

I have been feeling so guilty,

I keep pinning fall stuff, dreaming of sweater wearing days…even ordered a pair of these bad boys…

Manitobah Mukluks Gatherer boots

*from Manitobah Mukluks*

but I was doing it all in secret.

well not anymore.

thanks to miss Mallory-Jane,

I am coming out.

fall is way to short of a season, so what the hell.

Sipping in the great outdoors*image from here*

i’m fall-ing it up around here!
it’s September.
the combines are rolling.
I am planning on doing the pickling and such this week…
so even though the grass is still green,

i’m calling it.

Happy Fall Y’all!


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reader request!

a few of you have asked about my favorite brand of jeans, both skinny and boyfriend.

my most favorite skinny jeans are these…

these are from FOREVER21 and are only $14!


I ordered them eons ago and they are soooooo comfy!

as close to wearing pajama jeans without actually wearing pajama jeans.

and since I’ve lost weight (!!) I went to order some more…but they don’t make them in skinny girl sizes, just plus. so I ordered a couple different styles in size 12. we’ll see if they measure up to my favorites…I will keep you updated!

as for you girlies in smaller than size 12. I don’t have any suggestions…what do you suggest?!

for my boyfriend jeans, I JUST found my favorite pair from JOE FRESH, they are actually men’s jeans. that I ripped and distressed myself. (I think I need a tutorial from those JG girls…maybe if we all facebook them they will do one?!)

what are your favorite boyfriend jeans?!




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i need a night out, just so i can use these lines…

Haha I should start texting people that

I am going to use this line one day

Haha! Great pickup line!

Best pickup line ever.



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