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merry Christmas!!!!


wishing all of you darlings a very Merry Christmas and a Fabulous New Year!!!

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winter, winter, winter

ok, technically it’s still fall.
but it’s -32C here.
it’s winter.

and I have cabin fever. or something.


I so terribly want to knock a wall down or paint or retile or aggghhh…something…

but we all know how terrible I am at DIY, so I sit. pinteresting away and gah. the angst. the heart ache. the sadness.

what do I do?!

**update** ok, just rearranged some stuff in my living room. kinda feel better…

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our problem…


when it comes to decorating our house,

i’m all like this.


and my husband is like this…

New build farmhouse by Marcus di Pietro, vertical boarding  | Remodelista

which makes things, uh, interesting.

it is helpful that he likes the more simple, classic things as it helps control my randomness.

so really, it is a good problem…


and THANK YOU to all the lighting suggestions darlings!! I love them all!


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i need advice…



ok. so my mom has decided that my chandelier over my dining room table would look better

in our family’s cabin…


which means I have to get a new light for above our table. it has to be BRIGHT because it’s the only light in both the dining and living room (old house!), and fit in with our farmhouse/western/rustic theme we have going on.

any suggestions?!





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look of the week

look of the week....jessica

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for some reason wordpress isn’t letting me use my usual dashboard to post!!


so the radio silence hasn’t been on purpose.

I have WAY to much to say for that to happen! 😉

I will keep trying, so please, don’t forget me!

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