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makes me smile everytime…

so i thought i’d share it with you!

this is my teeny-tiny’s very first attempt/success at crawling! can’t believe i caught it on tape…hero cookie for mommy!


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Just one more?!?

I need to have another baby… 

This recent plan has come from a few random places… 

1- My son (4 months old) is sleeping through the night on a regular basis…this is reason to celebrate and for some reason makes me feel like I could do this again so easily. 

2- They are so cute! 

3- The Office last night…soooo good….Pam and Jim had a girl…Cecelia Marie…I now need to use that name… 

4- I have a lot of baby clothes…that have been worn once or twice… 

5- They are so cute! 

6-This was sent to me by a friend who also has a 4 month old…what is she trying to do to me?!? 

Crib Bedding from Poshbaby Bowtique

Super cute and wait…there’s more!! Posh Baby Bowtique…where have you been all my life?!? 


Sooooo… conclusion (do you remember having to end your science reports that way?!)…I have decided that YES…I need another baby….in a year or two…..


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