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Room redo…

My darling and I have been in our farmhouse for almost 5 years (and three kids later!) and I am SLOWLY trying to make it ours. This is easier said than done…

Money (maternity leave is not that fabulous!), learning to work with the house’s quirks and trying to decide on what my style is, has slowed the process. And I’ve read a few places that you are supposed to actually live in a home for a while to see how you use it in order to decorate it…

So far we’ve done the baby’s room…

The kid’s rooms are starting to come together (I’ll post some pictures when I am done!).

The porch/entry way…

The upstairs bathroom…

And I’ve slapped a coat of paint on our tv room and kitchen…

Now, I’m working on our bedroom…and boy is it going slow! Mostly because I can’t make up my mind!!! (and trying to do anything with 3 little kids around is like trying to herd cats…)

But if I had the budget and a fabulous contractor and designer at my disposal, I think I would try to do something like these gorgeous rooms!

*image from here*

Pinned Image

*image from here*

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*image from here*

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*image from here*

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*image from here*

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Cowhide rugs…

 Who doesn’t like a great cowhide rug?!?!



*image from Simply Grove*



*image from Nest Egg*

*image from M. Holtum*

*image from Bliss*

*image from automatism*

And an image that doesn’t quite fall under the catagory of cowhide rug…but I love it!


*image from Cactus Creek Daily*


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