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Ok. Not too sure if you remember or not, but the DARLINGS of Double D Ranch sent me a jacket last fall…

This one…

They did so because when they asked for some fan input, I couldn’t keep my big mouth shut! LOL!

And when it arrived, I squealed, jumped up and down (kinda) and then hung it in the closet…


Because I was looking like this…

And clothes just don’t fit right when you look-like-a that.


I tried it on today.

IT FITS!!!!!!!!

Now, I am not on the same page as most folks, already thinking about fall and the clothes and such. I can’t wrap my brain around scarves and jackets when it is 30 degrees outside. (sorry peeps, you’ll have to wait till the weather actually changes before I’ll be posting any fall stuff!)


This coat has got me more than a little excited. I can’t WAIT to wear it.



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Loving me some Double D…

Image from here!!


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