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In my dreams…



Oh, opps….how did that picture get in here?! 😉


Ok, THIS is what I dream of….50% of the time. LOL.



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The list gets longer…

I came across this on a fellow Copperwest blogger’s site (Hi Crystal!) and now I want one. I really should mind my own business and stop playing on my computer because I keep finding things like this. How is a girl to stick to her saving money resolution when there are all these wonderful ideas floating around out there!? I could wear this with almost anything…white tee and jeans…white collared shirt with jeans…blazer/tee and jeans….Are you noticing the jeans factor here? I tend to have a bit of a thing for them.

Anyways…a girl can dream…in color…about these belts…

I like this one too…

Or there is this one…

Oh dear.


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