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Some random photos!

Just some randomness today! ūüôā

He doesn’t look like he is having ANY fun, does he?!

My baby in her tee from the lovely ladies of Junk Gypsy Co!!! (thanks again girls!)

And my “arm party” (term coined by Crystal Cattle) and the horseshoe bracelet is a gift from the lovely ladies of Bella Spur¬†made by the TALENTED Shelagh of Designs by Shelagh!! (thx!)


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Rustic love…

*image from here*


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Our newest baby…

Nope, not going to bore you with baby ultrasound pictures that you can barely make out…

This is our¬†newest baby….


Hope you have a great day and don’t forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!!!


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Canvas prints…

Not sure if you heard or not…

But Crystal (of the fabulous and I are doing a giveaway tomorrow!!

And here is a little hint of what is to come…

*image from here*

*image from here*

*image from here*


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Out of curiosity…

Out of curiosity, are you darling readers, closed cabinet type of people….

*image from here*

Or open shelving types?

*image from here*

Because, I love the look of open, but the¬†handiness of hiding all my stuff behind doors….


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Hello my dear friends!!

I am in need of some help…

Ok, actually, a reader named Shell is…

She wrote me hoping I could help her come up with a fabulous name for her fledgling cattle farm and since my ideas are okay…

I’m SURE yours are much more creative!

” I am such a GIRLY GIRL! I am the kinda girl who¬†will be out there in uggs¬†boots and LV ear rings! LOL! ūüėČ I am slowing learning the farming isn’t working with shorts and bikini top! Everybody I know been trying to come up with ideas, but just nothing is like WAM BAM HELL YEA! =) For the most part I want girly. I am super girly and I think my farm name should reflect me.¬† I grew up on the lake and honesty know nothing ’bout cattle but I always say life and learn, that’s just part of life, if there is a will there is a way.Sounds¬†GREAT! Just remember GIRLY! GIRLY¬†GIRLY GIRLY! It’s going to be a cattle farm (with) some goats here and there¬†if that helps. Maybe later on a¬†some¬†pigs and chickens..whatever else.¬† I don’t want the plain jane like people use their name or area names.¬† Catchy and SCREAMS buy my big beautiful beefy cows Farmer Shell,¬†too hot to trot,¬†raised! LOL! ūüėČ Thanks!” ~Shell

So I thought what better way to come up with a FABULOUS name than throw it out to you all!!

Thanks all and we look forward to hearing your suggestions!!!!




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Rustic love…


I adore this….

Not sure if it’s the antlers…

The wood wall…

or the combo with the girlie curtains and wallpaper.

But I LOVE!!!

*image from here*

What do you think?! Love….Hate?!




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