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Texas here I come!

Only 2 more sleeps until TEXAS!!!

Can you tell I am a little excited to head out on a vacation!? I get to go with one of my bestest girlfriends and our matching babies… (I say matching because we’ve managed (for the 2nd time) to have babies days apart!)

We head out on Friday, roll into Austin that night and then head out to ANTIQUE WEEK for Saturday and Sunday!!! I am beyond excited to go…and nervous too. How will I be able to take seeing all the fabulous stuff and not having any way to drag it back home?! (although I’m sure that where there is a will, there is a way…as in UPS?!)

And the weather…haven’t checked the 7 day forecast yet, but anything other than snow and wind will be a welcome change! I plan to spend at least 15 minutes just standing and soaking up some vitamin D…

Of course, I also need to pack. I am a CHRONIC overpacker, but I am going to be resisting the urge this time because I am hoping to be able to jam as much stuff as possible into my suitcase for the ride home. Like these bad boys…

Yup…the ladies of Gypsyville have a pair with my name on it! SOOOO HAPPY!!!!

I am also thrilled to FINALLY meet those chickas!!! I feel like I already know them, and I’ve warned them that I am a hugger…but Jolie reassures me that all Texans are huggers, so it is all good! LOL

My plan is also get all the laundry done in the whole house before I leave…


And in the spirit of planning to do all this stuff, I thought I’d waste more time playing on the computer instead of actually doing anything and create some outfit ideas for this weekend!


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This is my plan…

I NEED new dishes…

My cute brown set from Ikea isn’t cutting it anymore, our water dries dishes and glasses out so fast it’s ridiculous.

I can’t use the dishes in the microwave anymore…unless I want 3rd degree burns.

And I have saved these images for a LONG time…

Something about this table setting is soooo me.

Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving Table

But I need your help finding the dishes…

I have the napkins (yay Pottery Barn!) but need all the rest. Any suggestions on where to shop?!




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*image from here*

I haven’t decided if I would wear this or not…

but either way.




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This girl has style…

I have fallen in love with this girl’s style. And I’m not a dress kinda girl. But when this girlie does accessories….she DOES IT WELL!!

Check out the Chanel brooch on a faux (NOT CHANEL!) vest….love it!!!

And don’t forget to click on the link to see her blog….

I adore!!

*image from here*


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Branding season….

It’s that time of year again….

The cows are (mostly) calved out, the bulls are getting ansy and the pastures are growing great (so much RAIN!).

So, we have to get the heifers and babies ready for sending out to pasture…

This means treating anyone who is sick and vaccinating against those common bugs that they can get while out on grass.


And branding!!!

These pics are from when my darling ran the heifers (last year’s girl babies) through and got them ready to head out for their first year with a bull!


Our little helpers….



And how they kept themselves entertained for an hour….



So much laundry, so little time!!




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This girl has style…

*image from here*


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Oh dear…

I think I might be in love with this chair…

Is that possible?!


*image from here*


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