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Getting back to the basics…Closet Cleanout~Step 5

For step 5 I’m reposting something I wrote about a year ago…it’s still applicable today. For this step it’s all about restocking the wardrobe.

You’ve already written out a list of what you have that fits and you love…so now it’s time to fill in the blanks. This post includes all that will build a BASIC wardrobe. Once you have this, you can mix and match easily and adding the frills is the fun part after!!

It’s a brand new year…so what better time to take stock of your wardrobe and then shop till you drop! This is a post that I wrote before for CopperWest and thought it was time to put it out on my blog! 

Taking a good look at your wardrobe every season is a great way to keep on top of what is and isn’t working for you. Everyone has those items in their closet that take up space and never seems to be appropriate or look “right”. And who hasn’t had a day of “I have NOTHING to wear!?!” while standing knee-deep in clothes! 

Well ladies, here is a list of the basics that EVERY closet needs to be usable and incredibly fantastic. Just take the basics, add YOUR flare to them and poof….you have a closet to envy! 

  • – Fitted White Shirt (buy 2 if you find one that looks fab!)
  • – Trench Coat (in neutral or leopard…whatever floats your boat!)
  • – Turtleneck, Fitted Tees & Tanks (each in a couple neutral colors)
  • – Jeans (straight leg, trouser, dark & a fun “weekend” pair)
  • – Sweaters (v-neck, cardigan and a fun chunky knit)
  • – Pencil Skirt
  • – A pair of neutral colored fitted Trousers
  • – Little Black Dress (of course!!)
  • – A GORGEOUS wool knee-length coat (I have one in turquoise…doesn’t have to be the basic black!)
  • – Knee high boots
  • – Pumps (black)
  • – A pair of cute flats/those GREAT cowboy boots you can’t live without!

Photo from Mink&

Now these are just the basics…mix and match to your taste and only buy what works for you!! And then to these you add YOUR style…a hot Hair-on-Hide purse, that smokin’ large Turquoise stone necklace or that HUGE pair of sunglasses…that’s the fun part and what will make your closet yours. And by having the basics and layering your accessories on top, it will take your wardrobe from impractical and frustrating to one a Farmer’s Trophy Wife would be proud of!!


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So fun…

About 4 years ago my friend Jennifer and I started up a company called Mink and Manure ~ Fashion for the Farmer’s Trophy Wife. We were both young with no kids and spent a lot of time lamenting about how it was so hard to find clothes that had a western element and wasn’t over-the-top hillbilly. So we started selling our own version of western wear! It was a blast, traveling together and holding trunk shows in homes across the province and at rodeos. I can’t even count the hours that we got to spend together doing what we loved…shopping! And of course selling clothes and meeting new people. Our business grew and the hours grew with it;  About 2 years into the adventure, my husband and I came to the decision that this was not meant to be my path. I am a nurse and didn’t want to give that up, and in order to continue with Mink and Manure while balancing home and family life, something was going to have to give. So I sadly handed over my half of the reins to Jennifer and she has been going full steam ahead ever since. She is nearing the 4th anniversary  of the company and is having a blast! I am so proud of her and all she has accomplished with our little dream, and came across this article that the Calgary Herald wrote about us in my archived files.

Thanks for the fun doll and great job!!



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My 100…

Today I’m going to continue on with my top 100 list of things I love, adore and would be hard-pressed to live without. To see #1 to 20, click here and here!

21- Belt…I love belts, old or new, hair on hide or tweed, you name it, I’ll love it!

22- Flip Flops….nothing says summer like the sound of flip flops…it’s kinda like the smell of freshly cut lawn…mmmmm!


23- Anything animal print…ok, that’s not 100% true…I am a sucker for anything cowhide print…or leopard…or…ok, maybe it is true…(and I know this isn’t a “fashion” item…but isn’t it awesome?! I have one for my daughter and just ordered one for my son!)

Child Seat

24-Coral Jewelery…LOVE!!!!!

25- Makeup bags….these things are like magnets to me, I can’t get enough of them. Unfortunately, I only have so much makeup…


26- Oversized Sunglasses….anyone who knows and loves me must love my sunnies….or at least tolerate them!

27-Cute sundresses…now hurry up summer!


28- Rubber boots….our yard can be a mudpit…(Come on rain….)

29- Sandals…same idea as the flip flops, but I love the hair on hide ones!!!

30- Spanx…a girl’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do!! (especially after having 2 babies!!)


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Look of the Week ~ Angelina Jolie

 Today’s look is Angelina Jolie……….I love her………..and her husband…..

(p.s. I’m team Jolie all the way!!)


Super-cute trench coat just in time for spring….and all the rain showers we hope are coming!


Add your favorite jeans to…

I love high heels…they don’t love me…I’m definitely a boots girl!

Corral®Ladies Desert Red Stitched Western Boots


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So I’ve realized that I post pictures left, right and center about everyone and everything else…and there isn’t a single one of me on here…. 

There are a few reasons… 

1- I haven’t yet lost 100% of the baby weight…yet….. 

2- I’m usually the one taking the pictures and rarely remember to jump in front of the camera… 

3- I haven’t thought to post any! 



This was the back in the beginning of Mink & Manure (with my girl Jenn).

(I’m in blue.)





Halloween ’08 with my daughter! 

 And yes, she’s wearing makeup…..

…it was Halloween!

Ok…..ok……I was looking for an excuse to put mascara on her….


This was around age 21 and back in the days of riding for the Calgary Stampede…. 


Oh, he’s cute…..

(my husband….just thought I’d through this one in for fun!)





And this is pregnant with my son this past fall…. 


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Look of the week ~ Jessica Simpson

 This week’s “Look” is again….Jessica….I adore her style/stylist….

Super-cute “sunnies” just in time for the spring sunshine!!!

I would LOVE to own a leather jacket….and really, now is the time to buy…all the huge sales are on right now!


This tee is cute and cheap and green…just in time for St.Patrick’s Day!!

Again with the Vuitton!!!

CUTE…CUTE…CUTE….jeans from Mink & Manure!

Now for shoes….I can’t tell what she’s wearing, but being that she’s only 5’…I’ll bet they’re heels…

I’m a little bit country…so I’d go with this…


P.S. I’m planning to just post “Looks” all week…AND they will all be of Jessica…see, I really do love her!


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Look of the week

This week’s look is of teeny-tiny Eva Longoria…did you know she’s only 5′??  

And her husband Tony Parker (basketball player) is 6’2?!?!   

For jewelery you could go with the classic hoops…

Earrings from Piperlime

Or go country….(I would!!)  

Earrings from Spool No.72


 Good ol’ classic white shirt…what a great, versatile item for your wardrobe!! (check out Copperwest, where I posted about how to build a fab wardrobe…) 

Blouse from Banana Republic


It Jeans from Mink & Manure


 This is a cute tote…  

Tote from Piperlime


 But this is more my style…LOVE!!  

Tote from TerracottaOnWeb (


Shoes by Jessica Simpson


 And these babies……WOW!!!!  

Boots from


 When I win the lottery baby…these will be all mine!  


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