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Reader request…Jamie-Rae!

Today’s request comes from Jamie-Rae, she wrote me…

” The event is an outdoors/country summer wedding, a “jeans only” wedding actually – fun right? Here’s the kicker, I’ll be approx 7 months prego at the time, right about the stage of pregnancy where I’m verging on feeling like a spectacle/wanting to kick the next person who asks if I’m carrying twins, haha! Looking forward to your advice! “

I have TOTALLY been there Jamie!!! (three times!!) so I 100% get it. My best advice is to pick clothes that will be comfortable. End of Story. And maternity clothes are SOOO fabulous (ugh) that there will be so many choices out there. Oh, who am I kidding. Unless you want to spend an arm and a leg, the choices are pretty limited and not at all fun. My style during pregnancy was to stick to basics (and only buy stuff that I would wear EVERYWHERE) and then add some fabulousness with accessories. And by accessories I mean earrings, boots and purses. Because there was no way rings were going to fit in the middle of summer, and I soooo did not want to wear necklaces to draw ANY attention to how GIGANTIC my girls were during pregnancy. (hahaha…maybe I’m not the best person to be replying to this request, I am starting to sound bitter!)


I threw a few looks together for you! Have fun with the accessories and be comfortable, everyone there is going to think you look adorable anyways!! 😉

maternity look
maternity look 2
maternity look 3

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Look of the week…pregnancy version…

I think that Jewel was so super cute while pregnant…I just wish there were more photos out there of her, she has such great personal style and adds that western touch that I LOVE! (and her hubby isn’t to bad to look at either!)

look of the week...pregnancy



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