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Feel the love…

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner…and you know what that means!!!

A Farmer’s Curling Bonspiel if you live in my house! How have the men managed to plan curling over the Valentine’s Day weekend? Interesting…

Anyways, in honor of the upcoming day of love, I thought I’d post something that may or may not have recently caused my husband to fall a little bit more in love with me. Actually, he did utter those very words as he was eating supper…I guess the way to a man’s heart is his stomach!

The following recipe’s are ones that I recently came upon and they are now favorites around here. The first is a Celery Chowder that is soooooo easy and delicious! And to make with it, I found this Homemade Hot Roll recipe from my new “GoTo” site called Tasty Kitchen. Both are super easy, trust me..I am no cook, but if I can make this…ANYONE can!

I’m not going to write out the Homemade Hot Roll recipe…just go to the site…you won’t regret it!

As for the soup…

It’s from Company’s Coming ~ Rush-Hour Recipes

You’ll need:

Chopped Onion          1/2 cups

Diced Celery               2 cups

Med. Potatoes diced    2

Water                             2 cups

Milk                                3 cups

Salt                                1 1/2 tsp

Pepper                          1/8 tsp

Ground Thyme          sprinkle

Parsley Flakes           1/2 tsp

Milk                               1/4 cup

Flour                            1/4 cup

Cook onion, potato and celery in water in lrg saucepan on med-high for about 10 min or until potato is tender.

Stir in 1st amount of milk. Add salt,pepper, thyme and parsley. Bring to a boil, stir often.

Stir 2nd amount of milk into flour in a sml bowl until smooth. Stir into soup. Heat and stir until boiling and thickened.
Makes 6 cups.

My addition to this recipe is that

1) You could add bacon (yummy).

2) I always mash-up my soup close to the end…it breaks up the potatoes and makes for a very creamy soup!

3) As per husband’s request…I always double the recipe…otherwise there are no leftovers!

That’s it, that’s all!

Make it tonight and feel the love!!!

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Claire Soup

What is Claire Soup you ask?!?

Only the bestest, easiest, fastest soup in the west! (Yes…I think I’m funny!) It is a soup that my husband named after my sister after he tried it for the first time.

It’s his thing…if it’s fantastic and he really,really,really wants you to make it again, it gets named after you! I have a chili….(from The Pioneer Woman cookbook…but don’t tell him that, he thinks I’m amazing!!!)

Anyways…my sister got this recipe from Rachael Ray…and it’s the best!

1 can of beef or chicken broth

1 cup water

1 package of tortellini

1 cup of grated cheese

Boil the broth/water, add as much tortellini as you want, when noodles are ready, put into bowls and cover in cheese. SO GOOD!!!!!!

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