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Reader Request and Fall/Winter shopping all rolled into one!

I gots an email.

With a GOOD question…

Dear Fashion Guru,

Here is my current situation.  I’ve been creeping the pages of Pinterest looking for some insight into what to purchase for Fall/Winter that will carry me thru till the spring. I’m seeing lots of layering, and cardigans, huge chunky sweaters, boots, leggings. All things I’m a BIG fan of because I’m ALWAYS cold! So, if you had to suggest some KEY pieces for Fall/Winter what should I be on the look out for? Secondly, if you have some packing/travel tips. What should a girl take on a week-long trip to maximize space to allow bringing home more items!!! Thanks so much, can’t wait to hear your thoughts.


LOL…I like my new title. Y’all can refer to me that way from now on, K?!



Becky does bring up a good question though. What pieces are good from fall thru till spring. Because I know my bank account doesn’t support a full seasonal wardrobe change…and becuase I always feel a little weird wearing chunky southwestern-y sweaters in the spring. They look FAB in November. But come March…I don’t know. Am I alone in this?!

So, hmmmmm. Here are some ideas.

And if you all have any other suggestions…chime in!!!

military coat

First up, Military Coat. This trend has been around for a while, and looks like it will be staying. I like it. A military coat is a good neutral that matches pretty much anything, and can be layered to keep warm. I still wear mine in the spring without feeling too bulky or outta place…

Pinned Image

*image from here*

Pinned Image

*image from here*


And always a classic, and available in SOOO many colors and price points is the plaid shirt…look for ones that have colors that can translate to spring. Or if you find one that fits your body fabulously, buy it in a fall/winter color and in a spring color…

Pinned Image

*image from here*


*image from here*

And this one combines a military coat AND a plaid shirt. GENIUS!

Pinned Image

*image from here*

native inspired

And of course. Native Inspired. Love it. Always have, always will. Not easily translated to spring, but will truly never go out of style, so fall after fall you will be able to break this stuff out!

Pinned Image

*image from here*

*image from here*

Pinned Image

*image from here*

Ok. That is enough for today.

I will keep blabbing blogging about this topic later this week!


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Reader Request…Carol!

I got this message from Carol this week on facebook…

Okay, I’m a tomboy. I’m more comfy in jeans, fitted tee and boots than anything. I own one skirt and I’ve never worn it. A friend told me I needed to stop being afraid to be a girl and wear a dress. I would love for you to guide me. Did I mention I’m also cheap? I would love to find some things and put him in his place!

This sounds like a challenge Carol!!!! I am sooo in! And I KNOW you will look fab!!!

My best advice is that when you go shopping, take someone with you that you trust to tell you the truth, and who’s fashion style you admire. That way, you know that when they tell you no, believe them, and when they say yes…BELIEVE THEM!! It will sooo not feel normal or comfortable trying on dresses or skirts, but like anything else, time fixes everything! You will get used to it eventually and then they will start to feel as normal as wearing your jeans! That said, I will be the first to step up and admit that I am not much of a dress or skirt girl either. I just feel more me in jeans, but I will totally break out the fabulousness when the occasion calls for it! 🙂

Start out slow, try looking for dresses or skirts for stuff like grocery shopping or running errands…that way you can ease into the whole skirt-thing in a casual way. Here are a couple of ideas for those kind of days…

At this point, don’t go nuts and buy a bunch of skirts or dresses, start with one or two…and they can translate into several looks depending on the stuff you wear with them! And don’t worry about spending lots of $$, there are fabulous outlet stores out there (love you Tommy Hilfiger!!!) and they carry some great quality items for less than they would normally be!

Once you find a skirt or dress that you like, bring it home, and work with that fabulous friend to go through your closet and create some outfits together. Use what you already have and this will help you feel confident when you step out…If everything is new, then you won’t feel like you AT ALL. And that’s not good! Here are some ideas using the dresses I found above…not knowing your body type, I can’t recommend any specific style, so when you are out shopping, try on any and everything!! This is the fun part, don’t feel discouraged if things don’t fit or look good, it is the clothes not your body. Every designer cuts and styles clothes differently, you just have to do the homework and find that designer that works for you! I have LONG arms, and the majority of shirts and jackets don’t fit, but I am LOVING Tommy Hilfiger, Jacob and Banana Republic these days…but that took a LOT of trial and error!!! That is why you have your friend, don’t make any decisions on your own, put it on, come out and show them. Let them say yes or no! We all judge our bodies unfairly, trust in them to steer you in the fabulous direction!

Here are some outfits that I have thrown together for you. Again, these are just suggestions, don’t focus on any of the price tags, I just used items for their look…and there are TONS of stores that copy designer items at good prices!!


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Reader Request…Alyssa!

I love getting emails…

You people are sooo sweet!!!

This week’s request is from Alyssa, she wrote…

“Hello Hello!

First- I totally love your blog and wish our paths would have crossed in Round Top this year!

Second- thanks a lot for getting me addicted to POLYVORE. I am a new addict.
Third- I need your help with what to wear to my boyfriend’s (Family Ranch annual Shootout) in a few weeks. HELP!”
Ok…this sounds like A LOT of fun and I wish we had met up too!!! Next year I am going to organize a blogger-type thingy where we all get to hang out and drink beer!!! 🙂
Anyways…here are a few ideas! Hope this helps and HAVE FUN!!!

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Need an excuse to go shopping?! April picks from Miss Danielle!!

Picks For April
Boho Goes Cowgirl

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Baling wire….I love you.

Womens Western Ring Band of Rustic Vintage Ranch Wire

*image from here*

Want one?!

I thought so!

This little piece of fabulousness is the work of Meredith Clowdus…she describes her art as a part of history. And I totally love it. Wanna know a little bit more about this “Farmer’s Rancher’s Trophy Wife“?!

 “My name is Meredith Clowdus from the hill country area of Central Texas.  I live on my family’s ranch with my husband and three kids.
Aside from my sweet little family, I have four things dear to my heart.
The first is my vegetable garden that I tend to daily with Saige, my two year old daughter, and my father.
Second are my hens that lays beautiful green and blue eggs for me faithfully, everyday.
Third, is treasure hunting on my family ranch.  My family and I live on a working cattle ranch that has been in my family for 7 generations.  Through the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, wagons traveled along our creek, heading west, leaving treasure behind to be found generations later.
And finally, silver and gold artisan jewelry.  I fell in love with silver and gold when I was 12 years old.  My mother owned the local flower shop and next door worked the most incredible jeweler.  I pattered around the jewelry store everyday after school sweeping, dusting, stringing pearls, and standing over the jeweler as he torched, carved and manipulated silver and gold.  I was in love…and hooked.
These day, I design and create jewelry made of vintage ranch wire and silver, bronze and gold.  Many jewelry pieces include treasure I’ve found on our ranch.  Also available in my store are singular items I’ve discovered digging through our barns, in our cattle pastures or in caves nestled against our back fence.
Cheers! Meredith “

I was sooo excited to find this darling and her art, and then she has offered to give one of these rings away to one of you lovelies!!!

Womens Western Ring Band of Rustic Vintage Ranch Wire

Womens Western Ring Band of Rustic Vintage Ranch Wire

To enter…

1- Visit Meredith’s etsy page, check out all her goodies and come back here leaving my a comment letting us know your favorite item and why!

2- Visit Meredith’s Facebook page, “LIKE” her, tell her I sent ya and then come back here leaving me a new, separate comment letting me know!

3- Retweet, facebook or blog about this giveaway and leave separate comments telling me so!!

Contest will run from today (April 23) to midnight Monday (April 30th), draw will be made via and announced here!


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Want an excuse to go shopping?! ~April~

Hello my darlings, don’t think we forgot!!

Here is the first post for our spring wardrobe picks

Brandy of Cashmere & Camo!!!

Need an Excuse to Go Shopping?

Lauren Conrad ruffle dress
$38 –

H M jean jacket
£25 –

Mid heels
$75 –

H M leather handbag
£20 –

Gold jewelry

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Reader Request…Courtney

Courtney and her friends are attending a “fancy hat-tea party-bridal shower” in Houston and it will be indoor-outdoor…And since I was just in Texas, I know these girls are facing some MAJOR heat. AND I have never personally been to such an event…LOL…this might make for some interesting looks!

Soooo…here are a few ideas! Hope you have a fabulous time ladies!!!

p.s. don’t forget to head over to my facebook page and enter my giveaway!!!

tea party
tea party
tea party
tea party

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