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viva las vegas!

i know i have posted on this beforeand maybe here too

but this is a special reader request for Robin…she’s going to the NFR and finally gets to check it off of her bucket list!!

sounds pretty darn fabulous to me! (maybe i’ll see you there?!)

here are some suggestions Robin, i hope you like them and HAVE FUN!!

(p.s. i have found that more than one pair of boots and shoes is a must. i trade my boots every 8 hours or so…and didn’t have a single moment of sore feet last time!!)

jet set vegas
vegas nights

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headwest outfitters…

~ a new opportunity has come knocking at my door (ok, email inbox) and i get to tell ya about it!

HeadWest Outfitters and I are going to be featuring a new item here on my little ol’ blog each month!!

this month’s item is…


~ they ship all across the USA and Canada (!!) and when this cute little dress arrived, my daughter was quick to attempt to lay claim…i am actually dreading the day when we wear the same size, i have a strong feeling things are going to go missing from my closet on a regular basis!!!

~ the dress is sooo soft and the beading is really nice, and VERY well sewn, i always worry about stuff like that…i am SOO not a dry-clean only kinda gal!

~ the color is described as black, but appears to be more dark, dark brown than black. but i think if you wanted to wear it with black, it would still look great! the material is a soft jersey type fabric that would be nice and cool in the summer and be easy to layer come cooler weather.

~ unfortunately, the size large didn’t quite fit my, uh, chest area (still rocking my mommy curves) but my sister was more than willing to step up and model for me!!! i just threw it together with a pair of brown frye boots (vanessa) and aviators. we also added a hudson bay blanket and some hunter wellies for some fun!!


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me and Allen’s Boots?!

heck ya!

i was a lucky girl when i was down in texas to be able to spend some time (3 hours…) in Allen’s Boots


so i thought i would share a little bit of that love with you! i have teamed up with Allen’s Boots to create some looks using their fab boots!

what do ya think?!?!

allens boots
allens boots
allens boots

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another pinterest inspired post…

another diy moment…

i am seriously on a roll!

here is the inspiration…


*image from here*

and my version…


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I think we are going to do this!


*image from here*

I think I will spend some time this week collecting sticks with the kids.

This looks like a good winter project!!

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yes? no?

Pinned Image

*image from here*

I am liking this.

A new twist on the traditional cable knit. And I happen to have a cable knit sweater.

And some turquoise dye.

Dare I?!!?


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Reader request…Selma Lizzy

This was a polyvore request, and because I was on vaca, I think I might have missed helping her out in time. But it is a fun question, so I will answer anyway!!!
Selma Lizzy aka florida-chikadee1028 wrote…
“hey there! what would you wear to the airport to go to san diego? i am completely stumped as to what will be both cozy on the flight but also comfortable once we land in california. thanks! :)”
jet set
jet set
jet set

What do you wear on flights?! And does anyone have any fab trips planned?!?! I am thinking NFR can’t come soon enough!!!


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