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Bananas for these shoes!

*image from here*


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Look of the week ~ Victoria Secret

Today’s look of the week is actually from Victoria Secret…this is so fabulously styled that I had to share.

The jacket is obviously available at Victoria Secret….


 Add your favorite white tank and this necklace…



Large vintage chain link necklace

 Some cute walking shorts and wedges….



And don’t forget to add the “Farmer’s Trophy Wife” touch….


*you can agree with me or be wrong*You can agree with me or you can be wrong.





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While checking out some of my favorite blogs, I came across this idea at Western Glamour and have decided to be a copycat…(Best form of flattery!!) I will pick out a “Look” each week and give you details of where to grab everything to pull it together..I’ll try to post one a week (or more depending on my mood!) and am looking forward to it…it’s fun to search out sites for clothes! (and I may or may not spend money as I’m doing this…don’t tell my husband!!) 

This week I’ve picked cutie-pie Kelly Ripa… 

And here are some ideas from head to toe! 

Banana Republic Scarf


Blazer from Piperlime


And I picked a couple options for the shirt… 

Top from Piperlime


Top from Banana Republic


Victoria Secret Top


Gap Jeans


 As for the shoes…you could go with Kelly’s version… 

Shoes by Jessica Simpson


Or my version…these work a little better out on the farm! 

Boots by Lucchese


Boots by Charlie1Horse

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