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My 100…

Today I’m going to continue on with my top 100 list of things I love, adore and would be hard-pressed to live without. To see #1 to 20, click here and here!

21- Belt…I love belts, old or new, hair on hide or tweed, you name it, I’ll love it!

22- Flip Flops….nothing says summer like the sound of flip flops…it’s kinda like the smell of freshly cut lawn…mmmmm!


23- Anything animal print…ok, that’s not 100% true…I am a sucker for anything cowhide print…or leopard…or…ok, maybe it is true…(and I know this isn’t a “fashion” item…but isn’t it awesome?! I have one for my daughter and just ordered one for my son!)

Child Seat

24-Coral Jewelery…LOVE!!!!!

25- Makeup bags….these things are like magnets to me, I can’t get enough of them. Unfortunately, I only have so much makeup…


26- Oversized Sunglasses….anyone who knows and loves me must love my sunnies….or at least tolerate them!

27-Cute sundresses…now hurry up summer!


28- Rubber boots….our yard can be a mudpit…(Come on rain….)

29- Sandals…same idea as the flip flops, but I love the hair on hide ones!!!

30- Spanx…a girl’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do!! (especially after having 2 babies!!)


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Look of the Week – Elizabeth Hurley

 First the accessories…and yes, I left out the sunglasses on purpose; just use your favorite pair!

As for the rest….the scarf is light enough for spring, and the purse….

….I have 2 kids so I’m not too sure about white…but I picked this one anyways, because, so cute; and apparently ruffles are very IN right now!

As for the belt, here’s how I would “western” this look up….and isn’t it HOT?!?

This belt is hand-made by Jenn Bunney, a VERY talented woman…I would die for a smiggen of her skill! Alas…..I have none, so all I can do is cheer her on!! Her website is and click here for her facebook page. I did a post on her work a while ago on Copperwest…check that out here! She does GORGEOUS custom work, so if you are looking for that perfect gift, give her a call!


The shirt is easy….a great long sleeve basic…

And the jeans…just go with your favorite medium wash!

Now the boots….I’m assuming boots because…

1- I can’t see her feet so I can think whatever I want!

and 2- it’s spring…way to early for the flip flops!

and 3- I think I have a cowboy boot obsession/fetish/problem!

Corral women's python western boots - pointed toe

Omigawd….I LOVE!


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