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Look of the week ~ Reese Witherspoon

 This week’s look is Reese Witherspoon…I adore her movies and am super-pysched that she is slated to possibly star in a movie called Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. This is the title of an upcoming book written by my FAVORITE blogger Ree Drummond, it’s a true story about how she (a city girl) met and married her rancher husband…for those not familiar check out her blog The Pioneer Woman and read the first half of the story here….sooo good! Anyways, her book is apparently set to be released around Valentine’s Day 2011 and the movie rights have already been picked up and Reese is considering playing Ree….omigawd!! Could you imagine?! I would want either Reese or Kate Hudson to play me…I better hurry up and get my book done!! 😉 Until then, I’ll just have to love and copycat her look, with of course my Farmer’s Trophy Wife twist!






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Look of the Week – Elizabeth Hurley

 First the accessories…and yes, I left out the sunglasses on purpose; just use your favorite pair!

As for the rest….the scarf is light enough for spring, and the purse….

….I have 2 kids so I’m not too sure about white…but I picked this one anyways, because, so cute; and apparently ruffles are very IN right now!

As for the belt, here’s how I would “western” this look up….and isn’t it HOT?!?

This belt is hand-made by Jenn Bunney, a VERY talented woman…I would die for a smiggen of her skill! Alas…..I have none, so all I can do is cheer her on!! Her website is and click here for her facebook page. I did a post on her work a while ago on Copperwest…check that out here! She does GORGEOUS custom work, so if you are looking for that perfect gift, give her a call!


The shirt is easy….a great long sleeve basic…

And the jeans…just go with your favorite medium wash!

Now the boots….I’m assuming boots because…

1- I can’t see her feet so I can think whatever I want!

and 2- it’s spring…way to early for the flip flops!

and 3- I think I have a cowboy boot obsession/fetish/problem!

Corral women's python western boots - pointed toe

Omigawd….I LOVE!


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