My new hobby…

Hello darlings!!!

I hope you are all well and that the holidays and New Year have been wonderful?!

Mine was and I started a new hobby/habit while I was at it!


It is seriously addicting!!! I got started via my dad, who has been doing it on and off for years, and I love it. Remember how I was looking for a creative outlet? I think this is the one for me…

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Custom ring. #westernsilversmith #learningtosilversmith

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i heart…

found this book the other day…

and have fallen in love with this babe of a designer. Tiffany Pratt. a glittered rainbow.

so adorable and damn i like her style!!!!






day with the kids


American Apparel lightweight shirt
31 CAD –

WalG long sleeve blazer
42 CAD –

Wrangler zipper fly jeans
61 CAD –

Golden Goose black star boots
420 CAD –

Kyler by Joy O ribbon jewelry
120 CAD –

Retrò retro style glasses
60 CAD –



hot holiday


Antik Batik slimming summer dress
285 CAD –

Havaianas white strap sandals
42 CAD –

Sun N Sand pocket tote bag
78 CAD –

Lens glasses
18 CAD –



hard to find the motivation to stay in the house and clean when the sweet spring air is out there…

but then there is the wind. that darn wind.


what to do?

i know…blog!


that is a fantastic waste, er, way to spend my next hour. laundry be damned.

but i have nothing to blog about. seriously. i am empty of ideas. i have been struggling with that lately. motivation and finding something that i am excited about. i need a hobby. one that fires my creative side and i can do for a few moments between laundry and dishes and cleaning toilets (ugh) as a reward for functioning like a normal human being. i envy those girls like Becky of Prairie Rose Leather and Beadwork or Twisted Pistol or Linnden of Urban Cowgirl Co. . They all have hobbies…artistic and beautiful hobbies that actually can earn them a little money. Any ideas out there?! I don’t like knitting or crocheting, i can’t paint or draw to save my life…help!! this has been on my mind for a while now. I can’t stop obbsessing over the fact that other than gardening (which i do love) i have no hobbies. my grandparents had a woodworking shop and a painting studio in their home, i am blaming them for my restless creative soul. but what to do? and how to start? where did those girls learn to do leather work? where do i start? i do have a little area all my own carved out in my house where i can make messes, that’s a start!

help me darlings!!!


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Art on the wall…

I found this blog whitefarmhouseblog that I adore…

not only is she a mom of two toddlers on a working farm, she blogs, instagrams AND her house looks gorgeous…

love it!



Opps! Missed G…and H and I for that matter…lol

grocery shopping

T By Alexander Wang tee shirt
170 CAD –

Floral top
89 CAD –

Stetson blue jeans
45 CAD –

Old West short boots
110 CAD –

Mellow World fringe purse
125 CAD –

Noir Jewelry crystal jewelry
37 CAD –
garage sales


Aéropostale rock and roll t shirt
11 CAD –

Torrid jean shorts
41 CAD –

Birkenstock brown sandals
115 CAD –

Gap red purse
68 CAD –

NOVICA red earrings
45 CAD –

Tom Ford oversized sunglasses
425 CAD –

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